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23 Aug 2010

The Best Promotional Products to Give in Trade Shows

People, the buying public, would troop to trade shows to learn about products and services - and would take notice of exciting, new products launched in the market - but also, not a few in the queue are actually thrilled to participate in taste tests, join contests and redeem prizes, and most of all receive freebies galore. As a matter of fact, these freebies are conveniently placed free for picking. You can not blame people when they are tempted to amass loads of promotional products.

From small promotional items like pens, rulers, key chains and refrigerator magnets to quite cumbersome stuff such as bags, umbrellas and big balloons, free stuffs are sure to bring delight to a trade show visitor. And then people can not seem to get enough of mouse pads, paper weights, coffee mugs and more key rings they hardly can stuff on their tote bag, free also, of course. Never mind if most of the take-homes are a total sell-out, with glaring brands and tacky logos printed on the item, or flawed items - pens that don’t write, mugs that leak and post-its that don’t stick. Indeed, where else but trade shows, the ultimate source of free promotional products.

Choose the Best Promotional Products


Give away promotional items that people will appreciate - hence, they will grow to respect your brand as well.  You may even need to redesign your brand or company logo and make it more recognizable. Same goes with devising a short, catchy tagline for your product or a direct-to-the-point company slogan, so that your promotional item can serve as your “spokesperson.”  


Don’t hold back.  Give it to the people and their affinity for collecting and taking home souvenirs.  Your task is to determine the best promotional products to give in trade shows.  Coming up with something original can be very difficult.  Go for something strikingly original the way our innovative promotional product suppliers came up with mouse pad that comes with a built-in solar-powered calculator. But still, know what works and what doesn’t.   You don’t want to attach a thermometer to a coffee mug.


Effective Promotional Products


Certainly, there are promotional products which don’t quite work as far as extending your advertising mileage. A pen maybe is a good choice but a table calendar is even better because it can be noticed by more people.  Between a key chain and a coffee mug, the latter has more occasions to be seen for a while, at least as long as it remains placed on top of the table for the whole of office duration time.


A promotional bag is always effective.  This is how a simple Ohio newspaperman Jasper Freemont Meek started with promotional products, when he broached the idea to his shoe salesman friend of giving away a free bag to every child who purchased a pair of shoes.  True enough, the call “buy Compton’s shoes” printed on the bag was all over the town.  Here lies the brilliant idea of coming up with a promotional product that is both useful and has more chances of being seen.       


A Bag Full of Promotional Items


If you are capable of splurging a bit with your promotional products, go for the option of giving rewards to your loyal customers, as opposed to a totally free deal.  A bag filled with several promotional items like a set of bed and bath niceties.  The idea is to give your potential customers free stuff while exclusively rewarding your loyal customers with something special.  

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