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What Makes an Effective Promotional Item?

4 Aug 2010

A promotional product, first and foremost, is devised for advertisement purposes. The power of a promotional product to campaign for a brand and make it known to a wider audience cannot be underemphasized. Businesses that wish to indulge the buying public with freebies out to look the other value to promotional product that is just as effective as the goal to advertise.

For a promotional product to be effective, the item must be nice enough to earn the appreciation of a recipient.  Promotional items should rank high in functionality.  That is why promotional products like pens, shirts, coffee mugs, and baseball caps, among others, are considered practical, hence popular.


Give Away Wearable Promotional Products


One of the best ways to advertise your product or service through promotional products is by giving away wearable items such as t-shirts, jackets and hats.  A free shirt, baseball cap or sun visor emblazoned with your company's logo will go a long way as far as advertising mileage is concerned.  If you are announcing a new tagline or releasing a teaser for your product, a shirt will be a good marketing tool spread your catchphrase across town and create buzz around it.


If it is something that will "walk" the advertising for you like a shirt or a hat, make use of the promotional product to have your contact information printed.  It will surprise you that people actually notice and take note, especially if you have employed a creative design and catchy line that actually invites the reader to act: contact us now!  And then consider how the buzz is likely to spread through word of mouth advertising.


Practical Promotional Products 


Speaking of practicality, promotional products which people can actually use on a daily bases are the best of its kind. Coffee mugs, glasses, pens, notepads are some of the most in demand promotional products because of the convenience they bring to its users.  Your goal is to let a person, a potential customer, enjoy a morning coffee blended in a customized mug with your logo on.  More than brand awareness, the person will put value on your brand for providing the mug.  


Same goes with a promotional pen or a pencil. If you target professionals and office workers, a pen is the best promotional item to give away.  When choosing a promotional pen, go for pens that are professional-looking since many of your customers will take a nice pen to work, thus advertising your business to their coworkers, expand your advertising potential, as well. Remember, by targeting the professional segment of the market, you are dealing with individuals who are likely to call the shots on marketing and purchases.


Other Functional Promotional Products


Office accessories also make good promotional products that can bring in ample advertising for your product or service.  Office promotional items such as stress balls, rulers, and desk accessories such as paperweights are some of the most in demand.  Also one of the most recommended promotional products is a desktop calculator.  If you are supplying a product or providing a service to another business, give them a calculator.  Where there's bound to be a lot of computing to do, a calculator is always indispensable.  Be sure to have your logo, company name and contact number visibly printed on the calculator for easy recognition of your business.