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Using Promotional Items to Pool Prospective Customers

23 Aug 2010

Our houses are full of them: a dozen refrigerator magnets, a drawer full of key rings, some wall clocks, not a few umbrellas, pens and more ball pens, couple of hats, scores of coffee mugs and tumblers, and not to be missed calendars here and there. For the hoard of useful promotional products, thanks to a local paint store and the neighborhood auto parts shop, but also to the luxurious downtown hotel for special gift of complete bath set.

Imprinted promotional items are so common these days that every one owns at least one or two of them - from pens imprinted with a popular brand of pharmaceutical product to key chains handed over by a large airline company. Indeed, well-known organizations and small-businesses alike know the value of rewarding their customers or clients with promotional items, stuffs customers appreciate for their usefulness and trendy designs.

A passerby is not likely to deliberately refuse an offer of free umbrella or a complimentary coffee mug.  In large trade shows, visitors carrying loads of stuff from fans and notepads to wearable promotional items noticeably shirts and caps, are a common sight.


Marketing experts have the same opinion that promotional products are effective in creating brand awareness, hence increasing sales.  You will see promotional items generously given away in trade shows, product launching events or at every opportunity where there crowds, the prospective customers, are.  Still, some businesses go a long way to personally hand over promotional items to houses or delivered through mail.


Imprinted promotional items go a long way in making your brands known to the general buying public.  More than drawing attention to your business, the value of promotional products can not be underestimated.  It is when the recipients learn to appreciate your promotional item as a gift o reward that they will take a closer look at the features and benefits of your product or service. 


Where people are appreciating free items and the value of promotional products present, companies have to take advantage of the advertising opportunity.  They can incorporate this effective advertising method to their overall marketing campaign.  Moreover, promotional products are an effective tool, a form of reward to keep your the loyal customers patronizing your product or service. 


Businesses are realizing that all the more loyal customers are better rewarded to keep them rather than exert too much effort seeking out new ones.  You may also want to donate promotional products to charitable institutions to improve your social responsibility standing.    



You can use imprinted promotional items to pool prospective customers.  Before giving away free items, have the visitors to your counter sign up their names and contact details.  This is a tactful way of pooling prospective customers.  You can also prepare a simple market research study, limited to a few questions related to your product or service.  It's a ‘deal' that works both for you and your potential customers.