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The Best Promotional Products….Get Your Name Out There

9 Dec 2009

In this day and age, promotion of your business is everything. There are so many methods of advertisement and brand recognition campaigns going on everyday, but what is the right medium for you?
Many businesses choose to follow the old route of "if they see my name...they will remember my name". So, what better way to get your name out there than with promotional products? There are so many different types of products available today from pens to company shirts. Here are a few of the most popular:

·         Logo Lollipops - Ok, so you're probably thinking to yourself, how in the world can a lollipop possibly further along my company's presence right?  It's too simple.  Who doesn't like lollipops?  The great thing about promotional lollipops is that you will not only have a portion of people who will consume them, but also a number of people who will give them away to family and friends for their children.  They are small and easy to carry around in your pocket and break that mold of carrying around business cards.  So the next time your company is planning a fun outing or a company get together; THROW OUT THE BUSINESS CARDS and break out the lollipops!

·         Promotional Pens- This one is a given.  Since the beginning of the promotional product industry, pens have been at the top of products used by companies for name recognition.  Everyone has picked up one of those "clicky" ball pens and seen the company name, number, and address printed on the side at least a hundred times in their lives.  It's almost like the pillar of the promotional product industry!   Every time somebody thinks about trade shows, business events, or community events, you can guarantee that a plastic promo pen has been ordered at the nearest shop.

·         Polo Shirts- This product can be multi-functional.  Let's take a look at it from the "giveaway" side of things.  There are certain instances when a simple gift just won't do.  For corporate clients or as a special thank-you, polo shirts are at the top of the list of products available.  A simple polo shirt with your company's logo can go a long way.  Not only do you impress the original "receiver" of the gift, but you are also getting a little bit of free advertising each time they put on your shirt and go out.  Company name recognition is a large part of the advertising game, so why not get some return on your investment.

The list of available promotional products goes on and on.  The easiest way to decide on which promo product is best for you is to sit down and try to understand your target audience.  What type of product are they most likely to use?  What type of product would they feel comfortable sitting on their desk?  Would a polo shirt or T-shirt be more suited to the message you are trying to put out?  No matter what your decision, you will find that there are many reputable promotional companies available to help you with your decision.  The better promotional product companies actually have specialized staff available to help you with your selections and are more than willing to help you find the products that fit your needs.