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Staying Green with Your Promotional Products

22 Dec 2009

As we continue through the 2K era, more and more people are becoming aware of our environmental issues. That's the main reason why some of the biggest distributors in promotional products have opened up their own line of green products. By saying green, we are talking about eco friendly products that are bio-degradable, recycled, and/or safe for the environment.

Here are a few examples of great "green" products for your next promotion:

Cornstarch made products- If you're not familiar with the new "green" movement, this might strike you as a little odd.  After all, isn't cornstarch used for baking?  Well, yes it is, but it is also used to create most of the modern biodegradable products as well.  You can get just about anything made from cornstarch these days; letter openers, rulers, paperclip holders, most anything.  So, to show your support of the new "getting green" era, order these great products.  This will show your clients that not only do you care about them, but you care about the environment too.

Eco Pens-Have you had a chance to hold on to one of these yet?  Picture a cardboard tube with a ball pen in the middle.  That's the basic style of an eco pen.  They write just as well as the classic ball pens do, but when the inks run out and you throw it away, they are easily biodegradable.  This is a very unique product to distribute amongst your clients and will definitely prove to be a conversational piece.

Eco Friendly Mouse Pads-These are a little pricier than your run of the mill mouse pads, but again we are going for the environment friendly version.  These mouse pads have the same design and functionalities as any other mouse pad, but they are normally made with a recycled rubber base.  The important thing here is to show your support in preserving our environment.  The Earth will love you for it and so will your clients.

Pencils-I know what you're thinking, "What's so special about a pencil"?   How about if that pencil was made from recycled newspaper?!  Yep, in your wildest dreams did you ever think they would start wrapping up the Sunday paper, throwing a piece of lead in the middle, and start calling it a "pencil"?  Welcome to the new environment friendly version of promotional products.  This is such a fascinating gift and one that any client would love to have.  The mere story that goes along with these types of products is worth the purchase price. 

Green products are definitely the way to go in any promotional campaign.  Slap your name on as many eco friendly products that you can and watch the type of response you begin to receive.  Nobody appreciates a company more than when they are doing something for the environment.  For years, businesses have been given a bad rap for polluting our environment with all of their trash and byproducts.  Here is your chance to redeem yourself and put an end to the vicious rumors that big business is bad for the environment.  Show your support now!