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Selecting Useful Promotional Products

9 Dec 2009

When choosing promotional products, it's important to select useful items that people will actually use. A large percentage of promotional products end up thrown in the back of a closet or stuffed to the rear of a desk drawer. So, how can you prevent this from happening to you? After all, how is your business being promoted if nobody will ever have the chance of even seeing the items you purchased?
To prevent this from happening to your next promotional items; consider choosing useful everyday items. The following is a short list of popular products available from most promotional product providers.

·        Water bottles- You can never go wrong with a water bottle!  The majority of businessmen go to the gym at least twice a week.  Nobody can sit behind a desk all day without exercise, right?  Every time they reach over to take a sip of water from your promotional bottle they will be reminded of you and your company.  This is what we literally call an "in your face" promotional item


·        Mouse pads- This is the ultimate gift for a businessman.  Every time they reach to grab their mouse, they are forced to see not only your company logo, but your telephone number as well.  Mouse pads are the business cards of the Y2K generation.  No need to tap into the contact book to get a phone number and name.  What more can you ask for in a promotional product?


·        Umbrellas- Depending where your customers live, this can be the gift that keeps on giving.  One thing that everyone can use is an umbrella.  This is a one size fits all gift that women, men, and children alike can all benefit from.  The beauty of this gift is that not only are your customers reminded of your generosity, but they serve as a walking billboard every time they go out holding your umbrella.  How many times have you walked down the street in the rain and seen the rainbow of colored umbrellas lining the street?  Thousands of times, right?  Now imagine your company logo and phone number printed boldly on the top.  This is an excellent source of free advertisement.


·        Mugs- Over the years this is one promotional item that has evolved.  The initial use of the mug was during those nice coffee breaks where you sat down in the break room and enjoyed a nice cup of "Joe" with the guys.  Do to time restraints and the evolution of business itself, the old "coffee break" of the past is gone.  You do, however, see promotional mugs sitting on almost every desk with a fistful of pens inside!  Not quite what the manufacturer had in mind when this one was created, but it is still a common occurrence in the business world.


Although there are thousands of useful promotional products out there, none are as common as the ones above.  In the past 5 years, all of these items sit atop of the list of most popular promotional items.  So the next time you are planning to place an order, make sure that you add these items to your list.