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Rave On - Using Magnets as Promotional Items

30 Nov 2009

One of the most popular and versatile promotional items is a printed magnet. Magnets can be used effectively in almost any type of marketing or promotional campaign, due to the fact that they are inexpensive, useful, and appropriate for so many different types of uses. One of the advantages of a magnet is that they are rarely discarded, since almost everybody has a use for at least one more magnet.

One great magnet item is the Croc Magnet Clip. Clip magnets are especially popular, due to the fact that they are able to hold a wider variety of items. Businesses often use clip magnets as employee hand-out items for different types of promotions, because they are so handy to attach to filing cabinets and magnetic whiteboards. The Dual Croc Clip and Dual Gator Clip are also great clip magnet choices, with a four color digital process print available on these two models. For the ultimate in magnetic power, The Big Grip Clip is ultra powerful, with an oversized strong clip designed to hold many sheets of paper. This is an especially useful magnet clip for the office, and makes a great employee give-away item.


Photo frame magnets are also popular items. These useful magnets come in a printed sheet, with the center punch-out area of the photo frame also usable as a magnet. The 3 in 1 Magnet Photo Frame provides one oval magnet, and two photo frame magnets, and can be digitally printed in full color. The Budget Magnetic Photo Frame includes one photo frame magnet and one oval magnet, and can also be digitally printed. The Ultimate Magnetic Photo Frame includes three photo frames, as well as a business card sized magnet and an oval magnet, which gives a lot of magnet value for the price.


You can also find a nice selection of magnetic bookmarks. These bookmarks are very convenient, due to the fact they can be clipped over the page of a book without causing damage to the book, and yet they won't fall out. The Elroy Magnetic Bookmark is a fun magnetic bookmark, as is the Kev Koala Magnetic Bookmark. You can also choose the simple Magnetic Bookmark, which can be digitally printed with whatever logo or photograph you desire.


Some other useful magnetic products include the Magnetic Tab Calendar or Magnetic To Do List. These types of magnets, when imprinted with your company name, logo or promotional message, are almost assured of being kept for a long period of time. There are also fun magnetic products that can be used effectively in many types of promotions, such as the Magnetic Poetry set, or Magnetic Jigsaw, which consists of one full color digitally printed magnet sheet which is cut into fifteen separate magnetic puzzle pieces.


Real estate agents will love The Estate House Magnetic Clip. This strong clip style magnet is heavy-duty, in the shape of a small white house with a black roof, which would be perfect for leaving real estate business cards in homes that the agent has for sale.


Magnetic whiteboard products are also good choices, and are available in a number of different sizes and styles. These can be digitally printed and paired with a whiteboard marker to make a great giveaway or employee promotional item which would be a useful addition to any home or office environment.


Fridge Magnets are also great promotional. These magnets can be digitally printed, and are an extremely economical promotional item which can be used in a variety of different ways. Magnets are great give-away items at trade shows and exhibitions, as well as being useful for internal company promotions or advertising campaigns. Because of their low cost and versatility, they are always a good advertising value.