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Rave On - Tote Bags

30 Nov 2009

If you're looking for a great product that not only promotes your company name and identity, but also helps the environment, then tote bags are an excellent choice. Instead of distributing plastic bags, why not offer these great re-usable tote bags to your customer and potential customers?

If you are planning to attend a trade show or other type of exhibition, you will be an automatic hit at the show by handing out these handy tote bags. You can find a number of very economical totes, such as the Short Handle Cotton Tote Bag, available in multiple colors with screen or pad printing available, or the Short Handle Calico Tote Bag. Of course, an especially popular choice for a trade show would be the Coloured Cotton Double Long Handle Conference Bag, since the long handle will allow show visitors to free up their hands by slinging the bag over their shoulder, giving them a handy way to carry the rest of their trade show promotional give-away items. Each logo-imprinted bag you give away at a trade show or exhibit becomes a traveling billboard for your company, as the recipients carry your bag throughout the show. And, because the bag is so useful, it is sure to be kept longer than many other types of give-away items.


Tote bags are also a great addition to your next training seminar or meeting. Load up a tote with all the supplies that the attendee will need for their training or meeting session, and they will have a great way of staying organized. This is especially handy for multi-day seminars or meetings, because attendees can carry their supplies to and from the meeting site every day. The Platform Flap Satchel is an especially nice choice for meetings and seminar handouts, as this is an exceptionally nice bag that will be saved and used often by the recipient. The Alpine Tote Bag, with its zippered compartment, handy pockets and shoulder carry handle would also be an excellent selection, as would the Backsack, which can be carried over the shoulder or backpack style.


Store owners can also put tote bags to work, offering them as an economical and reusable branded tote bag that customers can bring back with them to the store every time they shop. Customers love these reusable bags, because they reduce the need for disposable environmentally-unfriendly plastic shopping bags. Tote bags are also much stronger and durable than plastic shopping bags. The Supa Shopper Short Handle Calico Bag is a great economical choice for logo-imprinted shopping totes.


Schools that are looking for a great fundraiser item can get the school name and mascot printed on sports bags, team bags, backpacks or satchels. Bags also make great employee recognition or appreciation gifts, as well as corporate holiday presents.


When choosing a promo bag, it's important to select one that is priced right for your particular use, as well as choosing a well-made quality bag. Because people tend to keep tote bags, since they are so useful and practical, you want to provide a bag that is sturdy enough to last. Additionally, since a logo-imprinted bag will be reinforcing your company brand, you want to make sure that you only put your brand on a quality bag. The longer the tote bag is used by the recipient, the more advertising your company will receive as a result.


When selecting a bag for your event, there are a few things you'll want to consider. First, consider your audience. For trade shows or exhibitions, a nice sturdy economical bag is a good choice. However, if your audience is more geared towards corporate executives, you'll want to select a more upscale bag. You also need to identify the needs of your audience, and try to match the bag to these needs and preferences, so that the bag gets a lot of use.