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Rave On - Promotional Anti Stress Balls and Toys

30 Nov 2009

If you are planning a corporate event such as a conference, training session, or any other type of meeting, adding a collection of give-away toys such as stress balls can be a nice added touch. Not only do the toys break the ice at the meeting or event and brighten up the room with a fun bit of corporate identity, but such as in the case of a stress ball, they are also useful for relieving stress during the meeting itself.

There are many ways to utilize these small toys during a meeting. Some people prefer to have the room set up prior to the event with a toy at each seat. Others prefer to have a basket or box of toys, letting each person choose one upon entering the room. Another good way of using the toys is to award them to people during the meeting or training session. This can work especially well for training sessions or other meetings where people are engaged and have the opportunity to supply a "correct answer" that can be rewarded.


Because these toys come in such a wide array of themes, there are a lot of different ways you can utilize them. For instance, the Anti Stress Money Bag stress ball, shaped like a small bag of cash, or the Stress Shape Dollar Sign could be used in budget planning meetings, or to reward a good money-making idea. If the focus is on saving money, the Anti Stress Pink Pig could be used, since it looks like the traditional "piggy bank" that most people associate with saving money. The Anti Stress Jigsaw Puzzle would be a great item for a four day meeting, due to the fact that the attendees could be given a new piece of the puzzle for each day of the meeting. This toy could also be an incentive during a brainstorming session, with one new piece of the puzzle awarded for each good idea. The Anti Stress Light Bulb would not only be the obvious choice for meeting in the electrical industry, but also would make a good brainstorming session hand-out, since a light bulb has always been traditionally associated with "light bulb going off over the head" good ideas.


If you are planning a corporate health-related event, such as an employee health fair or training session on a health-related topic, there are also several stress balls that would be great choices. For instance, the Anti Stress Running Show, Anti Stress Scales and Anti Stress Small Heart would all be great choices for any type of event that promotes health and fitness. If you are planning a "green" event that is focused on the environment, there are also toys available that fit that particular theme. The Anti Stress Tree and Anti Stress Water Drop are good examples of "green-themed" toys.



Not only are these types of stress ball toys great for internal corporate meetings, but they are also good to take to community events such as job fairs, or to trade shows and exhibits. With such a wide variety of toys to choose from, you can get a good assortment that represent your company or industry, or that represent the overall theme of the event. These toys can be personalized with your company's name and information, making them a great promotional give-away item. People enjoy toys such as these, and items such as stress balls tend to stay on people's desks for quite a long time, which gives this type of promotional give-away item longer longevity in the hands of the recipient than other types of promotional give-away materials, such as pamphlets and brochures.


When ordering stress balls and shapes, there is a minimum order amount, and discounts are available for larger quantities. There are also volume discounts that can be obtained by speaking with sales staff. They can be ordered either undecorated, or pad printed. You can also order a sample item if necessary for evaluation before ordering in quantity.