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Promotional Products: What Business Are You Really In?

7 Apr 2010

Using promotional products as an advertising medium is proven effective and valuable for the most part because people love the idea of receiving a token, a giveaway or a souvenir. No wonder promotional products are very popular these days. Companies are incorporating the use of this effective media in their massive advertising campaigns.

New brands, especially, are encouraged to take off and create awareness.  Promotional products will illuminate a corner of the brand that has been in the dark.  While providing a product or service vehicle to drive brand awareness, what businesses are possibly missing is the opportunity to pitch a message and define their brand, further.  Hence, businesses are encouraged to put the message on, then look at the effect promotional products have on the people who use them. 


Pitch your message the way a company which manufactures lightbulbs do: GE doesn't just make lightbulbs, they bring good things to life.  IBM doesn't just make computers and software - they offer solutions. Kodak doesn't just make films - they help people share their lives, and make memories, too.


What business are you really in? What can you provide? In a market swarmed with competing brands of products and services, what does your company really do?  Sometimes, it's not what your product does.  It's what your product means to your customers.  A new brand trying to make a name in the market stands to reap greater advantage if a message is incorporated and "told" through a customized promotional product.     


Next in your assignment is to define your targets.  Defining the target segment of the market will tell you the habits, customs and lifestyles of your potential customers.  Your aim is to be able to effectively communicate with them.  It will, sort of, give you a context to work within; a better idea of what promotional products to order.  The value lies in making use of a promotional product that will speak to the buyers.


Effective use of promotional product is borne out of good marketing research.  Some companies include in their marketing plan the hiring of an independent marketing research company which will carry out a study to practically gauge what promotional products are suitable.  There are costs and investments to undertake but proper handling of efforts in this regard will being returns for tour business.  


By defining your market you will make a cost-effective choice.  You will like that the quality of your promotional product is attractive and unique but you should take into consideration that the promotional item fits into a certain category relative to your target market.  A hardware company promoting their business through a cute stuffed toy is quite uncoordinated, if not ill-advised. At any rate, people will probably be talking still about your brand, but in the manner that they will poke fun at.           


Your promotional product should enhance the identity, values, and inherent qualities of your brand, the total image that you want to impress upon your potential customers.  Take the cue from popular products and all these promotional products thrown everywhere.   A company selling a bestselling product will, all the more, see the need to use promotional products to keep the brand on top of mind of their loyal customers.