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Promotional Products Under $1

22 Dec 2009

Times are tough these days and business owners need to cut corners in any way that they can. This doesn't mean that you can just cut out your company gift giving completely in order to save a few bucks though. The best solution is a simple compromise. So what if you can't afford the custom embroidered polo shirts this year? It's the thought that counts, right?

There are many products out there that can be purchased rather inexpensively.  Everybody would rather receive something instead of nothing I can assure you.  You might not be sending gold cufflinks or electronic gadgets to your clients this year, but at least they are still receiving something from you with your company logo proudly displayed. 

There are many promotional products out there that are available for less than $1, which allows you to continue on with your gift giving traditions without breaking your bank account.  The following products are great promotional items for under a buck:

·        Pens- A well stocked promotional product company will have a plethora of ball pens ranging from your standard plastic stick pen to more professional quality metal cased pens.  The average range of these products can start as low as $.16 per piece.  If you are buying in bulk that price can even be slashed down a bit more as well. 

·        Bottle Openers- Not the most exotic of gifts, but a useful one none the less.  Plastic or metal bottle openers are nice to distribute as a small token of your appreciation.  Like all promotional products, you can get your logo pressed on to the opener and it serves as a nice little gift to whip out of your pocket when in a group of business associates.  Business cards can be so formal when amongst a group of associates in a simple setting.  Bottle openers will run you on average between $.25-$.75 per item.  The price is largely based on whether you decide to go with plastic or metal. 

·        Stress Balls- One item you can't "stress" enough is a stress ball.  These things are fantastic!  If you are dealing with a fairly large promotional product company, you should be able to get any number of different styles of these things.  Stress balls can just be a simple round ball, it can be in the shape of any animal, it can be in the shape of a cartoon, and the presentation of stress balls is utterly limitless.  You can pick up a stress ball starting at around $.25.  This is such a small price to pay for the joy that you will provide the recipient.  There is just something soothing about having a stress ball that keeps the market for them fire hot.  This is an excellent gift to give out around the holidays or during a promotion that will keep your costs low, but your brand recognition high.

As you can see, there are many options available for those of you that are on a budget.  In a time when business is starting to slow down, the last thing you want is to cut out your advertising!