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Promotional Products to Wear: Headwear, Caps and Hats

21 Apr 2010

When choosing for an effective promotional product to utilize, consider something that a recipient can wear or carry. Anything worn is an opportunity for a show-off, and in the context of advertising every chance for the public to take notice of a brand name on display can, possibly, lead to a good sell.

Promotional products such as bags, shirts, and caps are popular choices but we like the benefit of what a cap or hat can bring.  They make for good covering from the sting of the sun.  Caps are casual and sporty, too which appeal to the fashion style of the younger set.   


Ball caps with iconic logo are a rage.  Chicago Bulls and Yankees, Nike's trademark "swoosh" or Adidas' triple stripe symbol easily come to mind.    A simple logo or graphic design associated to the brand when seen on a recurring basis stands to be remembered the most, hence easily recalled.


Unlike a stationary, giant billboard, literally speaking, ball caps can go places.  Without the dictates of a strict itinerary, ball caps can be utilized for mobile advertising. As long as the wearer does his or her travel, in the usual course of the day, the goal is already achieved. 


There is a little hitch to this however because a headwear is a small piece of item that can easily get lost in the commuter crowd.  As far as the wearer is concerned, he or she knows what brand is marked on his or her cap but in a throng of, possibly, cap-wearing guys and girls, how does a promotional cap possibly stands to be recognized?


Good design and nice choice of color are crucial to an effective promotional cap. If the goal is to expand brand recall, design is of great consideration. Perhaps make one logo that is simple enough for easy recall but designed with striking details for impact, bordering on being sensational. 


Another occasion that will put the use of headwear, caps or hats to good effect is during big, important company gatherings.  Promotional caps can be designed to conform to the theme of the occasion - the color red to mark a "Valentine's Day" celebration or green to emphasize an environmental campaign, for example. However, it is suggested that the original layout of the company logo and tagline is retained.  With this approach, both the pride of work is instilled and the promotion of the company is achieved.


Sports teams utilize promotional caps to draw the support of their loyal fans.  To a team that tries hard, support is always a big deal. The use of promotional products such as hats, caps, visors and headgears raises the spirit of camaraderie among the fans.  It also increases the fans' sense of commitment and ownership of the team.  To that effect, the team's morale is boosted and to a greater extent the team's reputation is bannered, giving the impression that they are a force to reckon with. 


Among organizations, the latest trend is the use of promotional caps to raise awareness. The mere sight of a pink ribbon embroidered on a ball cap is a reminder to support the cause of Breast Cancer program.  It is a testament to the significance of the cause, as well as the weight of the challenge posed to the volunteers and the public to always support the campaign.