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Promotional Products: Prepping Up for the Holidays

23 Nov 2009

Once again, the holidays are just around the corner and you know it. You plan to shop for your business giveaways early but like last year, you shopped for stuff at the 11th air. Well, what else is new? For this year, beat the rush; start shopping for promotional products that will boost your business ratings.

The Early Bird


The best time of the year to shop for promotional products is a month before the holiday rush when prices are still reasonable and there is an abundance of stocks and new stocks.  If you decide to shop at the last minute, chances are you will have to settle for leftovers and deal with increased price tags.  Blame the law of supply and demand.


The lull before the holidays is perfect time to get your promotional products; merchants have stocked up their shelves with new novelty items and stocked up on old-time favorites. On top of ordering your selection for this year, there's the engraving and the embossing of your business logo on the items, which can take time.  If your favorite merchant has to deal with lots of orders, you might not be able to have your business giveaways ready when the holidays arrive.


Of course, there's no contest to beat the finish line when giving away your giveaways; you can still give them after the holidays but there's nothing like being the first to give customers a nice surprise when the holidays hit.  A nice tote bag, umbrella, keychain, or T-shirt from your establishment will be the talk of town. 


So why wait?  This early, suppliers are more than ready to give discounted for early birds but the whole idea is giving yourself and your supplier a break and having all the stuff engraved or embossed and already parked in your office before the frenzy starts.  This way you can attend to more important business matters - aren't the holidays the busiest part of the year for business?


Time it Right


The timeline for your shopping should give your promotional products supplier enough time to engrave or emboss your selection and delivery takes time too.  If you order 500 or 2000 keychain, imagine the work that goes into each item.  You don't get your order overnight - can you imagine the furor if you order the stuff at the 11th hour?  Merchants will charge extra for rushed engraving and embossing while you twiddle your thumbs hoping the stuff gets deliver on time.


Give your supplier a week to go over those hundreds or thousands of giveaways.  The day the holidays start, when people are bit by the shopping bug, you are ready to charm them with your giveaways.  Isn't it playing smart?  While competition is ready to climb the walls waiting for their giveaways you are already distributing thank you tokens.  


A week or two is enough waiting time for your promotional products orders.  If you make your order a week before the first day of December the stuff will be delivered at your doorstep on the first day of the Holiday month.  You can time the distribution of your tokens with your latest Holiday offers - nice.   


Make it easy on yourself; shop for promotional products online and compare prices and offers and be the first to get the latest stuff before others call you a copycat.