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Promotional Products: Nothing Beats a Key Ring

21 Apr 2010

Almost always, we cannot escape promotional products, there's bound to be rounds of giveaways the whole year through. And now we have a cache full of them: a couple of coffee mugs, a tumbler-full of pens, some bags and totes, several shirts and towels, too, and key rings or key chains placed somewhere, in all the familiar and missed nooks and drawers of the house.

Key rings and key chains remain attached to our busy lives.  The modest promotional key chain is there in the league of classic promotional products and easily the most popular even at this time when promotional products suppliers are pressed to innovate, on demand. 


Primarily because of the practical purpose it serves, a promotional key ring is a much proffered item than, say, a stuffed toy.  Promotional key chains are almost weightless and handy. Still, not a few keep their key rings, not for holding the keys, but as collectors' items, a souvenir of sorts.  Promotional product suppliers are realizing that a key ring should be made inimitably "one of its kind" for it to be worth keeping. 


Recipient consumers are seem not minding even if your key chains are designed with a thick font of  your company's name or logo, company slogan, list of services and your contact details as long as they design is appeals and takes on a clever spin.  Promotional products suppliers may do away with much fuss in their key chain designs by choosing interesting materials. As opposed to the usual plastic material, key rings made of hard rubber, aluminum, fiberflass or metal - or a combination of two - are talked about as singular items.    


Unlike other promotional product items which are seldom used, if not altogether useless, or are merely relegated to being cheap d├ęcors, key chains or key rings are practically handy.  We like the particular addition of handiness of these key chains attached with a neat bottle opener, or double-serving as a useful nail clipper.  Currently, people are on the lookout for eco-friendly key rings made from biodegradable materials.  


Especially with plastic materials, the choice of color for your promotional key rings should be distinctive.  You may want to check around stores and on the Internet if you are selecting a design that has already handed around.  You don't want your brand mistaken for another product just because of how your promotional key chain turned out.  You may stick to your theme layout to include the consistency of font and color of your text but don't hesitate to try out new colors and details to conform to the current trend.  This way, your promotional key chain will get the notice it deserves - and so is your brand and message contained in the key chain.    


While there is always a design fit for your kind of budget and demand, when ordering for your batch of key rings opt for the bulk.  You will also cut on costs if you place you orders way ahead of season.