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Promotional Products Help Generate Business

3 Oct 2009

Promotional Products help generate leads in the never ending fight for business. You can boost your regular marketing to new levels by using small branded gift items at trade shows, grand openings, meetings, conventions and for everyday business use. Place your company imprint upon your promotional products for long lasting impact and return on your investment. As long as that item is in use, it will be like a little billboard message, and it will continue to work promoting your business or event long after the initial give away day is gone. If you are using items such as clothing or stoneware, the effect could last for years or longer. To generate leads, offer promotional items in direct mail packages as an incentive to respond quickly. Set a limited time for recipients to answer your enquiry in order to receive your free gift. Be ready with an adequate supply of promotional items for direct mail lead generation. You may be sending out 10,000 letters, and with a normal direct mail response of 1% to 4% you could expect to receive up to about 400 replies. You could get even more depending upon the offer and gift item. Use promotional items to draw in leads at grand openings. Include a small blurb in your advertisement for the event that mentions the free gift, and use a photo if possible. This will help bring in traffic early on and all day. Again, be sure to have enough gift items on hand for your event. If you do not use them all at one event, you can use them again later for another promotion. The branding effort is critical to success. Use your imprint space wisely and fully. Include company or product name, or an event imprint. Some promotional items do a double duty with their message. If you use an eco-friendly item, that in itself sends a message about your company and how you care about the environment. At meetings or conventions, small imprinted gifts are expected by attendees. They look forward to getting their free gifts and will use them long after the event. Trade shows are an excellent time to generate leads right at the show by offering gifts when the customer signs your guest list or purchases something from your booth. There are many ways to use promotional products to generate leads. Try several different methods for maximum results.