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Promotional Products for Bars

22 Dec 2009

If you are trying to promote your favorite bar or pub; the best way to go is a simple token of your appreciation. There are hundreds of different promotional products to choose from for a simple giveaway to say "thanks for your patronage". Give these a try the next time there is a big game TV at the bar or a big crowd on a Saturday night.

Beer Coaster- These can almost be thought of as a once off, but there are many people that want to remember their big night with a remembrance.  Maybe they met a special someone at the bar, or perhaps that was the night when your favorite rugby team actually won! The chance of someone actually grabbing a hold of one of your beer coasters is fairly good.  There is something about stealing something from the local pub that is just too good to resist!

Beer Bottle Openers-What would life be like without one of these?  The most popular giveaway at any bar is a beer bottle opener.  I mean, after all, you're getting it at the pub right!  Obviously you're there for a reason.  I doubt you came there to have a Coke or a spot of tea.  The one thing every pub goer can use around the house is a bottle opener.  Not only will they use it, but you can be assured that all of their mates will be using it as well!

Cocktail Shaker-Now this is definitely not an everyday item by far, but is still one that can be beneficial in promoting your business.  This item can be a little on the pricey side, around $20, but is well worth it if used properly.  To make good use of this product, think creatively!  Place your business's logo, name, and telephone address then use the cocktail shaker as a trophy.  Every great bar has games on special nights, so instead of giving away a gift certificate, give away a cocktail shaker.  The uses for this item are endless, but remember that creativity counts on this one.

The majority of all promotional items targeted at bars are either going to be a bottle opener of some kind.  You will find beer bottle openers, wine bottle openers, champagne bottle openers, and many other variations of the three.   Some openers even go as far as looking almost like a Swiss Army Knife! Keep in mind that the more intricate the design of the product is, the less room you will find for customization.  The main goal is to promote your company, right?  How can you expect to promote your business if you are forced to put your business's details so small that they can't be seen?

So, to keep your promotion going in the right direction, make sure to choose products that will be useful to your customers, easily customized, and will pay for themselves through promotion.  Some promotional items available for bars can get quite expensive, so make sure that you have plans on how to make them pay for themselves!