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Promotional Products - Economical & Effective Advertising

3 Oct 2009
For many companies, traditional mass media (newspapers, television, magazines, radio and outdoor advertising isn't an efficient and economical way to promote their product, company or message. Promotional products can be their best form of advertising because they stay around to be viewed again and again. If you walk down any street, you will notice that many people have different types of brands imprinted on their shirts, bags or even umbrellas - wander around any office and you will see mugs, pens and mousemats emblazoned with brand and company logos.

Promotional Products are an efficient business tool, and when used as part of a promotional strategy they act as a great advertising vehicle to raise the profile of a company, product or service. By giving out promotional products that can be used regularly, you are actually making your brand and company name more visible and people become more familiar with your brand. Studies have proved that new customers who receive promotional products will, on average, return sooner and more often, and prospective customers are more likely to buy from a company who has given them a promotional product.

Promotional products today have become very popular and they are used for many different purposes and in variety of ways and areas - for example during Trade Shows, Conferences, Marketing Campaigns, Anniversaries, Exhibitions and Openings. Wherever you use them, it is important that you choose carefully the promotional items that you wish to employ. You should bear in mind your customer base and choose accordingly. The important thing is that they bear your company or brand name and contact information as prominently as is possible. 

The most common and popular method of using promotional products is to distribute them as free giveaways. Such a method is more apt at trade shows, exhibitions or similar events. In such cases it is more appropriate to give away items that are inexpensive like promotional pens, calendars, keyrings, mugs etc. Giving away such products as free gifts will generate brand awareness and also serve as a constant reminder for your brand.

With promotional products you can show your customers that you are different to your competitors. Instead of appearing as "just another company", you can demonstrate that you can offer something new and original. When someone receives a promotional item from your company they will remember your products over your competitors' ones.

Finally, do not forget that promotional items are also a great way to thank your employees and partners for a job well done: if your employees have been working hard through a busy time, it would be a good idea to show them that you appreciate their efforts. When you give an employee a gift, you're showing them you appreciate their hard work and dedication.