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Promotional Products Can Be the Best Advertisement Money Can Buy

27 Feb 2010

Advertising costs seem to be skyrocketing these days. With the economy being as tight as it is important to cut as many corners as possible without negatively affecting your company's revenue generation. Advertising is really something that you do not want to skimp on, but what is an affordable way to advertise your business?

Promotional products are actually a wonderful way to get your company's name into the public eye.  Promotional products are a great thing to use because unlike a magazine ad or a radio spot promotional products are lasting visual impression of your company.   These items will either sit on desks, be carried around, or even worn and this can dramatically increase your company's visibility in day to day life.  


When looking into promotional products as advertising tools you are going to want to think about choosing things that are useful.  The last thing that you want is for your company's promotional products to be given out and then thrown in a drawer or worse yet thrown in the trash.  Instead, you want to be sure that those products are used and taken out into the world so that you can really get your money's worth out of them.  


Something that gets worn all the time by men and women alike is baseball caps.  Baseball caps are really popular, and if you have your company's name, logo, or slogan put on them you can expect to get a lot of exposure with them.  For those individuals who love baseball caps they are worn almost every day.  With that kind of exposure you can expect to have hundreds of people a day see your company's name and product line.  The cost for these baseball caps is really rather inexpensive when you juxtapose that with the advertising impact that this promotional product will have.  For only a few hundred dollars you can expect to reach thousands of individuals a day for many months and even years to come.  When you really think about how much notice this will get you it seems like quite a bargain.  


Promotional pens are another very common item for people to use to gain advertisement for their company.  The truth is that pens are always useful, and try as you might to keep them pens have a funny way of changing hands.  This is actually something that can work in your company's favor.  With your company's name and tag line on it as the pen passes from hand to hand your company's information will get noticed.  There are many different types of promotional pens out there, but if you can find pens that are translucent you will enjoy the fact that they are more visually interesting to look at.  This is important because you want promotional products to catch ones eye.  Choosing pens in bright and vibrant colors can also enhance the probability that people will take notice of what is printed on the pen.  


The most popular promotional products are T-shirts.  Almost everyone wears a T-shirt at some point in their day to day life, and this increases the likelihood that your promotional product will be gratefully accepted and worn.  The great thing about promotional T-shirts is that they are gender neutral and affordable.  T-shirts can be ordered in many different colors, and you can even coordinate those colors with the color of the printing placed on the T-shirt.  There is a lot of creativity control on T-shirts because you will be able to choose the shirt color, the print color, and the font used on the shirt.  All of this helps to make your shirt different from other T-shirts so that it will stand out in a crowd.  The prices of promotional T-shirts tend to vary, and are often based on the personalization options and the quantity that you order.  However, the cost of the shirts is really nominal when you compare it to the exposure that the shirts will bring.  


Promotional products can be a lot of fun to give out, but more than that they will give you a great source of advertising.  Every time that the recipient looks at your product they will think of your company, and any time that they wear it or use it others will see it and ask about it.  Each day your company's exposure will multiply, and that is advertisement that money cannot buy!