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Promotional Products – Coffee Mugs

17 Nov 2009

Promotional coffee mugs are one of my absolute favorite promotional products. While many promotional do-dads and gadgets get tucked into a drawer and forgotten about, coffee mugs never do. Time and time again java lovers pull them out of their cupboards to pour their first cup of caffeine in the morning, and then they carry them around with them all day long, every wherever they go, promoting your message or business in style.

You'll see them in offices, break rooms, conference rooms, hospitals, homes, and everywhere you can think of.  They'll be on sitting on desks, break tables, and kitchen counters-and in people's hands.  You'll definitely get your money's worth from your investment.

Granted, promotional coffee mugs are a little more expensive than some smaller, gimmicky type giveaways.  However, if purchased in bulk, they can be very affordable at just over $1 each in many instances (before imprinting).  You can also purchase them in lower quantities-like three dozen-and still get many coffee mug styles for less than $2 each (plus printing). 

This is a great way to test out their popularity or just try them out.  It's also a nice way to get your promotional program started on a budget.  And with a low minimum, it's even a great opportunity to purchase customized coffee mugs for use at your specific business-or as a special gift with large purchases or for special customers.

Most coffee lovers have their favorite mugs, so if you can come up with a unique saying, design, or concept, you have a high likelihood that your mug could become a favorite that is used day in and day out, not pushed to the back of the cupboard.  And the more your coffee mug is used, the more it will be seen and remembered-not just by that coffee drinker, but by everyone who sees it.  So don't be afraid to get creative with your message!

In the world of promotional products, coffee mugs are a classic. They are practical, useful, and attractive.  And at home shows, trade shows, business expos, and other venues where small giveaways are the norm, you'll seldom see the table that gives away free promotional coffee mugs standing idle.  More likely, you will have people walking around the floor asking others, "Where is the booth where you got that coffee mug?"   You'll probably be the talk of the show and a very popular attendee.

Personalised coffee mugs also make great gifts.  You can give them alone and people will love them.  But you can also give them as part of a fancier gift by adding a few little items to them.  For instance, a promotional coffee mug wrapped in cellophane with a few packets of instant cocoa or specialty flavored coffee and then tied with a bow makes a great gift.  Likewise, you could fill the coffee mug with candy instead.  You could even present a coffee mug with a potted plant sitting inside. 

Promotional coffee mugs done up like this make a great presentation.  You can use them as gifts for employees, with a large purchase, or at your company's Christmas party.  They also make great centerpieces and table decorations that can also be used as door prizes at banquets or as a donation to fundraisers.  The sky is the limit with coffee mugs.  They're attractive, versatile, and classic.  And that's why I love ‘em!  Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm an avid coffee drinker either!