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Promotional Products – Carpenters Pencils

17 Nov 2009

Any business or organization that works with carpenters or builders can benefit from putting their business name or url on carpenters pencils. Builders and carpenters keep multiple pencils on hand at all times, and often you can find one tucked behind their ear where it is easy to reach. They use them for marking measurements on boards, jotting down notes of measurements, sketching out ideas, and even writing down phone numbers when they get a call on their cell phone while they're working.

Carpenters pencils are incredibly practical because they're flat, and they won't roll off the surface you place them on.  This flat surface is also the perfect place to print a business message.  And since carpenters pencils lay flat, that also means your message will always be visible.

Anytime you can offer a promotional product people can use, you'll be miles ahead of advertising on promotional products that don't serve an actual purpose.  That's because when something gets used-and re-used-it gets seen more often and generates better results.  And when you can select a product that is used specifically by your target market, it's even more beneficial.

Consider all of the different kinds of businesses that might be targeting carpenters or builders as their customer.  Obviously, building supply stores and lumber yards would immediately come to mind.  But there are many other businesses that also target this demographic.

Tool manufacturers that produce saws, nail guns, air compressors, and other tools carpenters or builders use on a routine basis are a great example.  Manufacturers of hand tools like hammers, tape measures, squares, and chalk lines are another.  And what about hardware stores, shingle manufacturers, and siding manufacturers?

Manufacturers of all of the components that go into a building are also targeting this group because they want to be in the forefront of a builder's mind when they are selecting products for their build.  This would include manufacturers of doors, windows, garage doors, locksets, house wrap, lighting, plumbing fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and floor coverings.  It might also include floor covering installers, furnace sales and service companies, electricians, painters, drywall installers, landscapers, concrete contractors, and any other sub-contractor a builder might employ.  

Any business that wants to get the attention-and business-of a carpenter or builder would be wise to employ promotional carpenters pencils as a strategic tool in their marketing toolbox.  Ordering carpenters pencils personalized with your business information is relatively inexpensive-less than $1 each-and it's definitely easy.  And it will be easy to get them into carpenters and builders hands because they can always use more of these and they'll happily pick them up when the realize they are free.  This is something they'd have to purchase otherwise, so your freebie is saving them money on their overhead expenses.

Go ahead and put them to the test.  Promotional carpenters pencils will make their mark on your business and help attract new customers to you.  In addition, they will help solidify the loyalty of your existing customers by keeping your name in front of them at all times.  When someone uses something with your business information on it every day, they can't help but remember you.  And the next time they are in the market for whatever product or service you offer, guess who they're going to think of first.