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Promotional Products – Baseball Caps

17 Nov 2009

What promotional product goes everywhere with you, can be worn by men or women, and can be worn day after day without having to wash it between wearings? Baseball caps, of course! Baseball caps are incredibly popular and many people love wearing them on a daily basis.

That's why getting your company's logo, url, name, or business message put on a baseball cap is a great way to get the word out about your business. Diehard fans of baseball caps will wear them everywhere and expose dozens or even hundreds of people to your business every single day. In some instances, thousands of people might even see your message.

In exchange for all of this free advertising, your investment will be absolutely minimal.  You'd have to pay people quite a lot to endorse your business.  And you probably couldn't afford to get a lot of people to endorse you at that cost.  But giving away promotional baseball caps is a great way to get all of those endorsements for free.  All you have to do is give people your baseball caps and watch them go to work.


In fact, you'll soon find that after you introduce your own line of baseball caps for your business, your customers will start asking for them.  You could use them as a promotional item that is a free gift with a purchase of a certain amount.  You could give them away on a special occasion.  You could give them to the first 100 customers through the door on a particular day.  You could even donate them to events being held by non-profit organizations you want to support to be used as door prizes.  However you start getting them out there, once people see them, they're going to want them, too!


Instead of paying people to wear your promotional product and advertise your business, you'll have people asking to endorse your business for you!  Wow!  What could be better than that?

Baseball caps come in adult and children's sizes.  They come in a variety of styles.  And they come in many, many different colors.

You can purchase them in heavy cotton, lightweight poly mesh, brushed cotton, cotton twill, chino twill, and even suede fabrics.  Designs include embroidery and multiple colors or you can select solid colors where all the focus is on your promotional message.  Some combine different kinds of fabrics or materials, as well.  Some even come with reflective trim that will help ensure the wearer's safety after dark.  What more could you ask for?

It's easy to create promotional baseball caps, and they're likely to be in style for many years to come, guaranteeing lots and lots of exposure.  These baseball caps also come in a variety of prices to fit your budget.  They start at a little over $2 each while other styles start in the $5 range per hat.

If you're looking for a promotional product that will get worn, get used, get exposure for your business, and get lots of attention, baseball caps are definitely the way to go.  Your friends and customers will look great and get your business noticed at the same time.  And believe me, when you pick a great color and style, you won't have to twist their arms to wear them or pay them to advertise your business for you!