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Playing on the Idea with Promotional Products

26 Apr 2010

When thinking of effective promotional products to give away, why not giving the kids a treat? This way you are pleasing Dad and Mom, too. Think of "plays" and "games" and other activities that fascinate kids. Now, you can toy with the idea of putting your brand name in one or two sides of a big dice block, the bubbly kid shouting the brand every time it flips on view - or something like it.

Promotional Products for Kids


Now let us explore other ideas on what promotional products make good gift for kids.  Start by doing a little research on what particular toys are selling well. Consider the second and third bestsellers in the lot.  Then determine what specific category of toys is appropriate to your promotional and marketing design: fun or educational?  Know that the market is also saturated with toys that don't quite deliver either, missing on fun factor or short on educational value. 


You have a cue now: choose promotional products for kids that are either fun or educational, better yet if they work both.  You are going after the impact of your marketing and that should include a great deal of responsibility towards the recipient of your giveaway that is why make certain that your promotional products supplier should present to you a range innovative and instructive toys. Bear in mind the concept of learning while playing.


Choosing Promotional Toys to Give


When choosing promotional toys to give always adhere to your ‘kid-friendly' scheme of things - this way you are giving your brand an image build up and a good shot at being ingenious and responsible.  Pick educational toys that are also full of fun.


Promotional Puzzles 


Jig-saw puzzles are traditionally popular.  Ingenious kids are known to spend a great deal of time solving puzzles and expressing sheer enjoyment when they are able to match and fit all the pieces.  Child experts agree that puzzles help develop a child's problem-solving skill.  It can also instill patience and determination in a child.


You can incorporate your brand name into the puzzle or provide a supplemental bag or box, with your brand name printed on, where a child can keep his or her puzzle pieces.


Promotional Miniatures


Kids are fascinated with little figures that they can control, arrange, coordinate and assemble.  Miniatures of occupational figures familiar in the neighborhood such as doctors, firemen, teacher, and ordinary folks and pets, too, among many others, are a great way to teach a child of giving value and respect to work. You can match up with these figures mini-houses and shops with the logo your brand imprinted and visible as signage.  


Promotional Coloring Books


When talking of educational and fun toys for kids, nothing beast a simple coloring book.  Kids are fascinated with the idea of rendering colors on otherwise lifeless images of familiar shapes and objects, people and sceneries.  You can play your promotions on the whole set starting with a box of crayons printed with your brand.  The cover of the coloring book serves an ample space for your brand name, logo, tag line, and short information about your brand.  You may want to customize presentation of information regarding your product to actually appeal to kids. 


Play with your promotional toy product ideas and have fun doing that. "Fun begets fun" - you may think along that line.