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Office Supplies Make Great Promotional Products

23 Sep 2010

Office supplies make for great promotional products. Any business looking to spread the word about their product and services should consider handing out the various types of items that can be used for a number of reasons. Having affordable, useful products sporting your name, address, and website is sure to gain you a number of new customers and clients.

Ballpoint pens are perhaps the most beneficial promotional product on the market. They are not very expensive, especially when purchased in bulk. They are an item that is sure to be used, as everyone can never have enough pens in their purse, home, or office. Each time the pen is borrowed from the owner, the person using it will be able to read the label and take note of the company being promoted. This offers free advertising to the company on the pen. They paid for the pen to be given away to one person, but in fact many may become exposed to their information as the pen is passed around.

Notepads also make for effective promotional products. These are useful to the recipient, and are great for them to carry around with them. Anyone can see the value in a notepad they can use to jot down a simple note whenever needed. If the pages of these pads display a company's information, it will be passed around any time a note is given to someone. Once again, this means free marketing for the business whose information is being shared on the paper.


There are a number of other office supplies that make great promotional products. These can include markers, highlighters, calculators, and letter openers. It is important to keep in mind that they best items to give away to advertise your company are those that will be beneficial to people receiving them. If there is no value in the item, it is likely that it will not be used. The idea behind a promotional item is to circulate the information of the company listed on the products. This will only be done if the recipient actually uses that item so the information can be spread to others.