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Make Exciting Events with Promotional Gifts

8 Sep 2010

Now you are thinking of how to pull off an exciting event especially in your next participation to a major trade show. There the big boss to impress but he will be most amazed if you can attract the most number of visitors in your booth and actually convince them to buy your products. There is one marketing concept that is sure to deliver impressive results: giving away promotional products.

Decorating your booth with promotional items is one guaranteed means to draw attention to your booth to make it look eye-catching without going overboard. You can place attention-grabbing images and striking taglines on the backdrop wall of your booth. If you what you have conceptualized is a blank background at least fix some of your ready brochures on the right accessible places for viewing.

Remember, what you want to be doing is to provide just the right load of information about your products or services. However, if you bombard the visitors with too information it can overwhelm and may ward potential buyers.


Talking about information, decide on what you deem is the best type of promotional products you are going to dole out.  Aside from attracting attention to your event, you like it that your visitors will have something to take home that will aid them in remembering the name of your company and your product or service.  In marketing, ‘product recall' is everything.    


If choosing the kind of promotional items to distribute proves to be a daunting task, a great idea is to hand out promotional gift bags.  You can choose to come up with the regular variety with your company name and logo visibly and clearly imprinted on the canvas of the bag.  You can go further with the expensive kind promotional gift bags such as the customized large totes made of recyclable, eco-friendly canvas material. With the latter, your goal is to make a ‘responsible' statement out of the rather simple promotional item.  


Aside from the tote bags, choice for beautiful and practical promotional gift bags include backpacks, satchels, duffel bags, school bags, coolers, briefcases, computer bags, messenger bags, sports bags, golf bags, rolling bags, shopping bags, and even toiletry bags and cute purses.


While you are at it, extend your giveaway streak by including some items to at least stuff in your promotional gift bags.  What's a bag without some contents, anyway, so bag in some goods and it will bring your company good.  A few unique pieces if not an actual sample of your product included in the bag will add more value to your rather modest promotional gift bags.


For example, if your product or service deals with something related to the computer industry, what can do is a computer bag filled with promotional items like a mouse pad, memory drives, and items to clean the computer screen. Same goes if your business offers personal care items, a toiletry bag containing personal items such as compact mirrors, toiletry kit and scarves.


Don't forget to pack in all the necessary materials containing contact details and perhaps a brief product information that will help beef up your marketing efforts, such as a few brochures or flyers, and the always handy business card.