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Make an impression with Special Promotional Products

4 Aug 2010

When people visit trade shows and industry events, they have a tendency to collect promotional products possibly from every booth. There is a seeming delight taking home as assortment of stuffs but do they actually use each item? Or they just pile them up and left to gather dust in a cabinet somewhere. Disappointing even, when promotional products are later regarded as clutters and are thrown to the bin to join with the rest of the junk.

Nowadays, people are told to create breathing spaces, to spare the rooms from clutter.  Because really, how many key chains do you need? Are you sure about reserving a space for promotional shirts in your teeny closet? 


While there are promotional items worth keeping and are cool for flaunting, there are those which lack in attributes that relate to attractiveness and practicality.  Businesses should understand the fact that some promotional products do not make an impression.  When you have decided on giving promotional items to advertise your product or service, think of what impresses.  Like what effective advertising should be, impact is everything. 


Eco-friendly Promotional Products


There is a growing public consciousness for the "green" lifestyle. Choices and causes that support the welfare of the environment are everywhere.  To minimize the use of bags made of plastic or synthetic materials, more and more shoppers today are bringing their own bags to the grocery store.  Go for eco-friendly promotional products like handy organic cotton grocery bags or hand-made recycled stationary sets. 


You can also be environmental with electronic gadgets, too such as water-powered alarm clocks or solar-powered battery chargers.  This way you are promoting your business while at the same time helping the environment.  It will bring good image to your business, too.   


Gadgets for the Car


Promotional products that can be used or prominently displayed on the car can earn you good advertising mileage. A dashboard note and a matching pen holder are highly recommended.  Recipient who are mad about their automobiles are sure to appreciate compact vehicle air purifiers.  Sometimes, you give your loyal customers a treat to keep them buying your products.  So how about a mini car vacuum?


Promotional Products for the Office


There are a myriad of promotional items made for office use - from pens and notepads, to paper weights and coffee mugs. While these conventional items serve the purpose, you can make an impression by going for traditional, useful promotional office supplies with noticeable novelty injected on the design on the item such as a foldable ruler or a magnifying paperweight.  Instead of a pen that runs out on ink, you will actually like giving away multi-blade box cutters or 2-in-1 tape and stapler sets.


Items Promoting Health and Fitness


People are keen on maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.   Adventurous people do a lot of travelling and this can mean good exposure for your brand.  If your product or service is related to health, fitness, sports or active outdoor activity, a great promotional gift is a useful sports first aid pack or a pocket-sized antibacterial gel are both handy for the gym bag. People will also love to receive a convenient, sturdy water container with attached cover.  Of course, speaking of maximum effect, you can never miss on an oversized athletic, travelling sack of a bag as a promotional product, your brand screaming in places everywhere.