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How to Gift Pack Promotional Pens Creatively?

29 Mar 2016

Promotional pens are a great corporate gifting idea. If you run a small business, you can effectively use well designed pens to promote certain company products or services. The great thing about pens is that, you can gift them to people of any age group and even send bulk quantities to distant places without incurring a high cost.

Pens furthermore, come in use and are a
handy stationery item to have. However, while your marketing team may spend
days and hours in designing the best pen or promotional content to help you
achieve your objectives, if it is not gift wrapped and presented well, your
entire efforts may go to waste.

Presentation counts for a lot in the
corporate world. It is important to find new ways to wrap and present any
promotional product well. The ideas below may help.


You can always order specially made pen
boxes to hold your pens in. However, this may incur an additional charge not
every company has the budget for. If you choose smart transparent boxes made of
a good material, it will help create a good impression in the eyes of your new
or potential customers.

Boxes are a traditional way to gift pens
in though, if you are thinking of something more unique, read on.


It is common for jewellery shops to sell
jewellery in small pouches. These pouches are often made of cloth or any other
soft material. You can custom make some pouches and fill the pens inside them
while gifting it. If you want to make it more creative, add a ribbon or two.
Print your company name and contact details on the pouch for added effect if
you like.


Instead of packing the pens in any other
material or item, you can easily just choose to put a couple of colourful or
plain coloured ribbons around them. This will help you save on time and costs,
two very essential elements in today's corporate culture.

colourful paper

Colourful paper like plastic or thin
quality ones wrapped around your pens can actually make your gift more interesting.
You can choose to customise the paper too by printing key details like your
company logo or motto on it.

Colourful paper will be weightless and
ideal if you need to send the pens out to customers or suppliers located far


You can have a stationery supplier make
creative and smaller than usual sized envelopes, just big enough for the pen to
go into. Print your company details on the envelope and use it as a gift for
the entire year. This idea is creative and unique in itself because not many
people send out pens in gift envelopes.