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Fascinate the Market with Promotional Products

26 Apr 2010

Give it to the fussy buyers to drool over a certain electronic gadget that gives them the option to browse over their phone settings by simply touching and lightly tapping the screen. Indeed, what can fascinate has the makings of a sure hit. Take this keenly observed notion to your marketing efforts by coming up with promotional products that fascinate, and let us see if the buying public will in any way be intrigued by, say, a reversible shirt or a glow-in-the-dark ball cap.

Come up with Interesting Promotional Products


You have to realise that you are dealing with a competitive market, and a stiff one at that.  Not ever promoting or cutting back on your marketing spending could spell mistake, an oversight. Promoting is crucial to growing your business.  Many companies treat their promotions and advertising efforts as a mode to advance their public relations works, such that your promotional products can also reflect on your company's repute - that's reliability and prominence for your product.  


You have a simple, plain t-shirt, but will it be asking too much if you come up with one printed on both sides? Your recipient will actually like it that he or she is like receiving two shirts.  The chance that a person wears this particular shirt twice over the usual is high - that means more exposure for your brand.  Never mind the "reversed" effect because that too is a fashion trend that young people are glad to show off.


Interesting and Effective Promotional Products


That's about saying that there are ways to whack creativity in your promotional products.  The more things are done rather interesting, however a bit on the uncanny side, will draw in the people's curiosity. And marketing experts agree that curiosity leads one to notice, and by logic and good business sense, that counts for "awareness."  


When it comes to choosing a promotional product to produce, your plans and discussions can take you to great lengths. If you would allow, there is brainstorming involved ad crazy ideas are bound to crop up. Because suddenly you don't want a simple pen anymore; you have this idea of incorporating more: a blinker, a hanging accessory, a bling, or even extending the pen's use long after the ink has run dry, a flashlight, perhaps, or a laser pointer.


Explore More Options but Match your Promotional Products


Your supplier will be glad to show you a shelf-full of promotional products: from the familiar shirts and caps, mugs and towels to the irresistible jars of candies and chocolate bars.  There are the usual useful stuffs, too: notepads, paperweights, and mouse pads.  In fact, your choices are aplenty that picking one or two that's apt to your product and marketing design can be daunting.


While you are encouraged to explore more options and apply your creative ideas, you should choose and pick a promotional product that is appropriate and will appeal to your target market.  Certainly, you are not to choose a promotional baby bottle if you are marketing a brand of an energy-boosting fitness drink. Babies are fine with their dose of baby formula.  Of course, that is a bit overstating the obvious, but you are better warned because some promotional product suppliers may advise the overly ingenious.