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Enhance Your Workplace Morale with Promotional Products

27 Feb 2010

Creating a positive workplace environment is very important. You want your employees to know how valued they are, and what an integral part of your company they are. There are many different ways that you can do this, but not all of these are lasting symbols of their value to the company. Often a really great way to recognize their value is to present them with a promotional product of your company.

One of the goals of gifting promotional products to your employees is that they take pride in your company.  Your employees can really be your best form of advertisement.  If they believe in the work that you are doing then they are going to share that opinion with others.  And if they have promotional products to use in their day to day lives your companies name will be out there to be seen with a great verbal recommendation to go with it.  


When looking to chose great promotional products for your employees you will want to find something that is not only versatile, but also useful in their outside lives.  You want them to take and use these products outside of the office so that your company is visible outside of the office.  


An obvious choice is a T-shirt with your company's name and logo on it.  JB's Tee is a great T-shirt to look at when you are considering giving out apparel as a promotional product.  JB's Tees are available in a variety of crisp and vibrant colors.  Each shirt is 100% cotton jersey to be sure that it provides a comfortable fit for everyone.  Each shirt features a spandex collar to provide comfort an fit, and the shoulders are reinforced to provide durability.  You can have your company logo printed on either the front or the back of the shirt.  As far as promotional products go these are reasonably priced costing about $5 per shirt.  


For a bit more affordable gift you may want to think about providing your employees with promotional baseball caps personalized with your companies name, logo, or slogan.  The brushed heavy cotton cap is a top quality hat that features your companies name beautifully embroidered onto the front of the hat.  This hat is constructed of six panels, and it features a pre-curved peak.  Each hat is completely fabric covered, and it features a touch strap for comfort and fit.  


On a rainy day your employees will really treasure their promotional umbrella.  Rainbird umbrellas are a great way to promote your business and to make your employees feel valued.  These large golf umbrellas feature strong materials, and you can even get your panels in alternating colors. 


Tote bags are a wonderful product to gift to your employees.  Everyone need an extra bag around the house, and what better for your employees to use than a tote bag with your company logo on it.  The short handle cotton tote bags are a great product to give out.  They can be ordered in a variety of colors, and they have a substantial area for your to print your companies logo on.  Each bag measures 37 cmL x 42 cmH and has a 300 x 320 mmL area for your logo to be displayed. 


If a tote bag is not quite what you had in mind you might want to think about giving promotional backsacks.  A  backsack is substantially more affordable than a traditional backpack, but just as useful.  These bags are decently sized which makes them perfect for your employees to use as a gym bag.  Each bag is nylon with a drawstring opening, and with your companies logo printed on it, the bag will be not only useful but eye catching.  


Promotional products are a fantastic way to help increase team morale.  Many people perceive value and appreciation in the form of gifts, and by giving your employees a personalized promotional product you will give them a symbol of how much they mean to your company.  Additionally, when they carry those products outside of the office you are going to get some advertising that will only aid to your businesses visibility.  Promotional products do take a bit of money to get, but the profits that you will receive from giving them will be truly priceless.