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Creative Ideas on Using Promotional Products

27 Aug 2010

There are a variety of creative ways by which big businesses and small to medium enterprises can make use of promotional products. Aside from trade shows, product launching events, and similar gatherings, promotional items can be distributed in events where there are sizeable crowds such as in community affairs, garage sales, carnivals, books fairs, fund raising events, auctions, and many more.

Large companies, as part of their stake at corporate responsibility, are known to reach out to charitable institutions. They also endeavor to participate in community affairs. In these occasions promotional products are endorsed to the organizers of the events and are regarded as endowments. The idea is to raise brand awareness for your product while at the same time helping advance a good cause or a civic-related program.

Promotional Items at Fundraising Events 


During fund raising events for example, business owners can donate promotional items which can be given away to the participants with a certain purchase amount or auctioned off, given as prices to those bidding the most money for a particular promotional item. 


There are various promotional products which make for good auctioning, such as travel accessories, golf accessories, sports and fitness equipment and accessories, mobile phone accessories, computer electronic gadgets and accessories, cameras, clocks and watches, bed and bath, kitchen and home, outdoor and leisure activities accesories, among many others.   


To name a particular few, interesting promotional products include Travel Alarm, Leather Jewelry Travel Case, Suspension Golf Bag, Double Zippered Golf Travel Bag, Reactor Solar Charging Case, Bluetooth Cell Phone Headset, Sterling Metal Wall Clock, Desktop Globe Clock, Classic Computer Attaché, Credit Card-Sized Digital Camera, Portable Outdoor Propane Grill, or Binoculars with Built In Digital Camera. 


Promotional Products at Garage Sales


A garage sale is also a form of fundraiser usually conducted in church, community, school, or at a charity house compound.  An event like this is particularly advantageous for businesses because it is generally open for the public.  To help raise funds, promotional products can be sold as garage items at popular prices. It is also the best event for businesses to show their support for good causes and encourage the visitors to participate by way of sponsoring games and giving away promotional items as door prizes.



Promotional Items at Book Fairs


It is not necessary that your product is related to books or education to join a book fair event and use the occasion to promote your product or service.   Businesses can choose to sponsor a "recommended book" or "favorite book" and with each sale of that particular book, a promotional product giveaway is offered as a token or special gift. It is best if you chose a book sold at a reasonable price so that many visitors can afford to avail of your promotional item.


On occasions such as fundraisers, auctions, garage sales and book fairs, business owners can take advantage of the crowd to promote their products.  With the permission of the event organizers, you can make plans to sponsor a side event such as a lecture or a workshop session tackling a topic of interest to the public.  Also, you can take charge of games and competitions giving away your promotional products or product samples as door prizes.