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Client Gifts for the Holidays

9 Dec 2009

Every year as the holidays approach, most business owners begin to think of what to give their clients' for the holidays. The wide availability of products online has simplified this process so much that gift givers need not leave the comfort of their own computer chair.
The difficult part now a day is choosing which product you want from the thousands of promotional gifts available online. So, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice for your clients this holiday season.

·         Quality Counts - You have to keep in mind that everything you do as a business owner reflects on your own business.  If you are sending second rate gifts to your clients; what do you think they will say about your company?  In the business world, image is everything.  To keep your working relationships strong after the New Year, you will want to pay special attention to your gift giving during the Christmas season.  Quality will always override quantity, so don't slack when sending gifts to your clients. 


·         Deliver the Gift Yourself- This is a given!  You're running a business right?  What better reason to visit your clients is there than to give them a nice gift!   Most major businesses make the mistake of sending their corporate gifts through mail or courier service.  Yes, it's the thought that counts, but your clients will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to go to their business to personally thank them for their patronage.  Never miss an opportunity to promote yourself!  The ideal corporate gift will have your company logo or information already printed somewhere on the product, so put an exclamation point on your gift by putting it directly into your clients' hands.  This small inconvenience to you will prove to be a major benefit later down the track.


·         Follow-up- After sending your present make sure you give a call to make sure that it was received.  Ask if they enjoyed the style or colour of the present.  Never miss an opportunity to communicate with your clients.


·         Fit The Personality- One major mistake made year after year is the actual style of the present sent out.  Why send a golf shirt to a client that doesn't golf?  Why send a nice pen to a client that despises having to write by hand?  Fitting the gift to the exact personality of your clients is one of the most important steps in the gift giving process.  Take the time to decide what type of product is suited for each client.  Attention to detail is very important here as you don't want to send a small size T-shirt out to a 300lb client!


These are just a few general guidelines to follow as you head into the holidays. The etiquette of gift giving can change drastically between cultures as well, so make sure to do your research well before sending out that first package.  Not everything in life comes with a "one size fits all" label.