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Cardboard Beer Coaster Promotional Items For Any Business

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9 Oct 2009

Promotional coasters are frequently seen in taverns, cafes, and restaurants. They may promote an eatery, or a beverage, or just be interesting, such as a beer coaster that says Cheers in several languages. They have the dual purpose of being useful, and capable of carrying a message or image.

Many coasters are made of an absorbent cardboard material. There are other high end promotional coasters available made from ceramic or wood and sometimes even leather. The color range for printing is full four color as well as a photographic image printing. These coasters can be imprinted as elaborately or as simple as you like, all depending on budget and style. The prices can range anywhere from mere pennies, to several dollars each. This is yet another type of advertising that has many benefits.

Many shapes and sizes are available when selecting promotional coasters. The most common shape however is the round three to four inch cardboard coaster. One interesting option is a cork coaster which can be customized and cut into any shape you may like to fit your logo. There is always the option of designing your own coaster and having it produced. This process is surprisingly easy. The ceramic coasters are obviously more expensive, but they really get the message across. They are usually sold in sets of four and can be imprinted with any message you wold like.

Coasters can be flat or the new cozy can or bottle covers that are made of foam. The ceramic coasters are probably the best and most durable.

As a giveaway, promotional coasters are a little unusual, but welcomed by recipients. They are taken home and used repeatedly. They are a big step up from napkins in durability, retention and message promotion.

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