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Business Smart Promotional Products Say It All

23 Nov 2009

If a picture paints a thousand words, then smart promotional products say it all for your business. Hence, it isn't just enough that you pluck items from the shelves just because it's within your reach. Be smart and outsmart competition with practical but lovable giveaways this year with smart choices.

Think People


Who are going to receive your promotional gifts this year?  Busy people who want convenience in their   lives whether they are at work or play.  With that in mind, it would be easy for you to narrow down your choices for your give away gifts to celebrate the business year with your customers and loyal fans.  These days promotional products are varied, colorful, fun, practical, and oh so nice to have.  


With busy people in mind, whatever their stripe and color, you cannot miss with the right promotional products for them and these products available online and in brick-and-mortar shops uptown or downtown. Oh, don't give the same gifts this year; that would be intolerable.  Giving the same promotional items would clue in customers that you don't think about them as individuals and they will take note of that so beware.


So do busy people do?  They shop after work, do endless computing at the workplace, go to ballgames, enjoy weekend barbecues, tinker with the car, visit friends, or woo clients.  The list is actually extensive - so put yourself in their place.  You will be amazed at the 1001 things people do in one day.  Wouldn't be nice to let your business be a part of their daily lives?  Yes it is possible if you choose the right year-end token for your customers.


Think Scenario


Okay so people are always busy, what then?  Think of a scene.  Take for example a busy harassed wife who has to tote plastic bottles filled with the kids' favorite juice to the beach.  She has enough crates and bags to shame a downtown store.  Give away colorful bags emblazoned with the company's logo.  These should be wide enough and deep enough for four plastic bottles and then some.  Mrs. Housewife will be too glad for these bags.  You bet.    


How about the man in the family?  He juggles work and in-between tries to please the boss, the wife, and kids.  Give him a break!  Give a gleaming aluminum can opener or a BBQ lighter, which can come in handy for family weekend BBQs or corporate getaways.  These promotional products are small enough to lug around so it is portable and handy at the same time.  

Other scenes to bear in mind, when choosing promotional products, are ballgames and family outings.  Men need caps to complete their outing get-up. Red cotton brushed caps sporting your company logo won't be snubbed.  Of course, men have an assortment of caps but a bright red cap stands out from a collection of blues and oranges.  Give that cap and see those caps worn to fairs, ballgames, and wherever men need to wear sporty caps.      


Think Advertising


Promotional products serve well for business advertising.  Don't miss the point when choosing this year's giveaways.  To make your point, emblazon and engraved your logo.  Choose item colors that will make your business logo stand out.  Don't settle for ho-hum or run-of-the-mill logo printing embossing.  You want your customers to remember you, right? Then play the advertising game right.