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Best Corporate Christmas Gifts

22 Dec 2009

Christmas time is the perfect time to show your clients and employees how much you care. Giving just the right gift to them at the holidays will improve customer and working relations throughout the New Year. What is the perfect Christmas gift in the corporate world? Here are a few of our top suggestions:

Corporate Jelly Beans-OK, this might sound a little tacky, but it's a favorite!  Corporate colored jelly beans inside of a durable acrylic container.  This gift can easily be given to either a client or an employee and will show that you are thinking of them.  They can take the gift home for their family to enjoy or place it on their desk to offer to visitors in their office.  When the jelly beans are gone, you now have a nice branded holder for their pens and pencils.  A nice little treat for the holiday season.

Corporate Calculators- These little buggers are more useful than you might think.  These calculators are normally small in size and have a corporate logo stamped somewhere conspicuously on the front.  So many times, people need to crunch a few quick numbers together and don't want to take the time looking for their business calculator or utilizing the calculator on their pcs.  The best solution is that simple promotional calculator supplied by almost every gift giver around the holidays.  These are a popular item, so expect to receive more than one of these around Christmas.

Corporate Pens- This is an "oldie", but a goodie.  Corporate pens have been part of the promotional market so long that you might as well classify them as a pioneer in the industry.  Everyone can remember getting their first promotional pen!  The old school "clickie" ball pen with a company name and number written down the body has been the leader in promotional items since the beginning of promotional products.  Things have come a long way since then, however.  A nice corporate pen comes in a fancy gift box with branding on the packaging as well.  In the corporate world, one thing you can never have enough of is ball pens.  Put this item at the top of your list because you will find that many clients are actually expecting this kind of present around the holidays.

Corporate Stress Balls- These are the greatest thing since ice cream!  Stress balls come in so many shapes and sizes that you can't even begin to list them all.  There is just something about grabbing a hold of something and squeezing the bejeebies out of that relieves stress.  Whoever thought of creating this promotional item is an absolute genius and should go down in history for this one!  Definitely add this to the list to help out all of your stress ridden clients and employees!

Although there are thousands of promotional products out there, you really must sit and decide what matches the style of your business and the attitude of your clients. For me, corporate stress size fits all! Need we say anything more?