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A Second Look at the Benefits of Using Promotional Products

7 Apr 2010

Go out on the street and ask people about a product or a service. Make up a yarn about "doing market research" or something. You'll be surprised that people will stop and actually talk to you. Now, listen to what they are going to say, and very intently on how they'd know about the brand and what the brand is all about. In all probability, a promotional advertisement or promotional product conveyed the information.


That is where promotional products are proven effective, in creating brand awareness, on top of the many benefits of using this medium of advertisement.  In various types and manner of uses, companies employ promotional products on different occasions, aimed at internal company events to foster employer-employee relationship, to reinforce internal incentive programs, to highlight employee service awards or to enhance dealer and distributor programs.


Most companies use promotional products to back-up their programs during marketing research or as a novel way of announcing company-sponsored events.  In establishing public relations, promotional products aid in attracting traffic during tradeshows, product launchings and motorcades, as a vehicle for customer referrals, and ultimately to generate new customers.


The effective use of promotional products will meet your basic goal of spreading information about your brand. Yet again, let us take an earnest second look at the benefits of using promotional products:    


Enhance Brand Identity


The type, design and color of a promotional product contribute greatly to enhance brand identity. Many companies have become distinguished for their choice of promotional products.  Most major fast food outlets add miniature mascot toys in their combo meal treats designed for kids.  Through effective use of promotional product, more than brand identity, a brand gains familiarity and top-of-mind recall. 


Boost Visibility

Promotional products, such as a calendar, wall clocks and similar items, are exposed for longer period of time. The extended duration the brand name is displayed boost the product's visibility.  When seen habitually, a brand's name increases its chance to be is easily perceived and recognized.  


Attract More Supporters


Promotional products drive more people to take notice to a product or a cause - and this is markedly effective and operational in the manner political candidates use promotional items in during their campaigns.  Various campaign materials such as wristbands, caps, sun visors, and shirts are helping a great deal in reaching out to a broad voting public. The same is true with non-profit organisations when wooing for the support of the masses for a cause-oriented project. 


Image Build-Up   


Companies which put premium in their working relationships distribute promotional products such as planners, organisers, paper weights, notepads and sticknotes, among many others, to their valued clients, suppliers and service providers.  Apart from building goodwill, these promotional products are also proven to enhance a company's image and credibility.  


Aid "Big" Promotions


There are promotions, yet there are really big promotions. Promotional products can add a "big bang" to any promotional event. When a brand is showcased in big, imposing fashion - such as big beach umbrellas to announce a new refreshing beverage to a crowd enjoying a swim on a hot summer day, people are naturally drawn in to notice.  Advertising experts always drive at making memorable statements when promoting a brand, capturing the curiosity of the naive onlookers.