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Logo Line E-Catalogue Full Size Catalogue 2019-2020

An electronic version for you to sit & flip the pages on your screen.

High Caliberline of Australia E Catalogue 2016-2017

Flip through these pages and see the great range of products on offer.
You can print pages from the catalogue at your own liesure.
This catalogue includes full pricing.

Promota Online Flip Catalogue by Rave On

Promota is quite simply a Promotional Products Directory offering a broad cross-section of products and services available in the promotional industry.

Please try this online version to view and select some ideas for your next promotion.

Feel free to contact our staff on 1800 433 888 and request a hard copy.

Logo Line Rave On Web link

All the latest popular promotional products.
Contact us now for any pricing on any item you like in this range.

Logo-Line or Logo Line Collection DL Ideas Book 2018-2019

Rave On Promotional Products is a leading supplier of the Logo Line Collection. Please check out this electronic catalogue for a great range of Novelty Gifts, Souvenirs etc. Products included are Anti Stress Items, Bookmarks, Calculators, Children's Items, Confectionary, Lanyards, Measuring Devices, Mobile Phone Chargers, Office Essentials, Temporary Tattoos, Writing Instruments and much more... Confectionery Collection including, 1 Litre Drums, 4 Litre Drums, Bulk Confectionery, Canisters, Cello Bags, Clear Containers, Cocktail Shakers, Flashing Glasses, Jelly Bean Dispensers, Lollipops,Mint Cards, Packaging, Pillow Packs, Silver Tins, Stainless Steel Bowls, Stainless Steel Coffee Cups, Stainless Steel Ice Buckets, Stanless Steel Mugs, Tin Buckets, White Gift Tubs, White Tins, Zipper Tins Funky Thingz Collection including Anti Stress Items Anti Stress Items With Sound Batteryless Flashlight Beach Balls
Binoculars Bubble Products Business Card Holders
Calculators Calico & Cotton Bags Car Accessories
Chamois Coasters / Glass Plate Holders Coin Banks
Computer Accessories Dog Tags Erasers Fans
Flashing Glasses / Badges Flashlight Keytags Flyers Golf Accessories Grooming / Hygiene / Manicure Sets
Keytags Lanyards / Name Badge Holders Lens Cloths
Lighters Luggage Tags Magnetic Bookmarks Magnetic Indexes Magnifiers Massagers Mobile Phone Accessories Mugs Noisemakers Noteholders Opener / Keytags Paint Sheets Paperclip Dispensers
Pill Boxes Puzzle / Rulers Screwdrivers Sewing Kits
Slitters / Cutters Spring Thingz Stapler / Removers
Tape Measures / Calipers Tattoos Teddy Bears
Visors Wuppies Yo Yo's , Write 'n' Rule Collection including Highlighters Notebook / Organisers
Pen Holders Pen Packaging Pencil Cases / Organisers
Pencils Pens - Metal Pens - Plastic Rulers Sharpeners
, Platinum Collection including Adventure Tools / Compasses Binoculars Booklights Business Card Holders Clocks Dynamic Touch Range Flashlight Keytags Manicure Sets Paperweights Pen Cups Poker Sets Rocks Magnetic Stainless Steel Collection Tape Measures / Spirit Levels Waiters Friends World Time Clocks / Calculators. Decorated items can be branded, embroidered, plastisol transfered, screenprinted, pad printed, engraved, labeled, digitally printed and much more

High Caliber Line of Australia

High Caliber is a young, creative and innovative company based in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in the supply of Promotional Merchandise offering a large range of Novelty and Business Gift ideas. The new catalogue features all of our latest products and up to date prices, including over 50 new items and the debut of our pioneering Biogreen range. Following a full product lifecycle, products made from Biogreen plastic completely biodegrade in a landfill over 18 months and actually add nutrients to the soil, making them the most environmentally responsible products you can buy. The catalogue also features over 200 in stock items available on our industry leading 3 day standard lead time, with an unbelievable 24hr rush service available. Our range includes Mousemats Mousepads Magnets Lanyards Pens Plastic Pens Mugs Pens Writing Instruments Travel Mugs Conferenceitems Usbproducts Clocks Greenproducts Notepads Officeproducts Calculators Drinkbottles Keyrings Keychains Pedometers Frisbees Minifans Handfans Lightupfans Tools Jigsaws Tapemeasures Flashlights Torches Carabiners lightupnecklaces Magneticproducts Coasters Countermats Photoframes Whiteboards Barrunners Airfresheners Sunvisors Rulers Luggagetags Stickers Calendars Letteropeners Magnifiers Bottleopeners Pillholders Healthproducts Beautyproducts Bagdeholders Retractablebadgeholders Stubbycoolers Stubbywraps Noveltyproducts Promotionalproducts Yoyos Bags Totebags ecofriendlybags usbhubs Weatherpod Snowglobe Glitterglobe Sticky note set Magnetic clips Paperclip ball Sticky note dispenser Pencil&ruler set Projector flashlight pen Ruler calculator Digital mug Digital water bottle Metal handbag holder Cd/dvdcase Cd visor holder Lightup luggagetag Skipping rope Electronic jumprope Pocketsudoku 5in1games Foldup flyingdisc Lightup yoyos Bouncing ball Lightup bouncing ball Binoculars Flyswatter Screwdriver Flashlight toolkit Robotic folding booklight FlashlightCarabiners BeerCoaster Magneticphotoframe Bookmark Jaropener Plasticcard Plastickeytags Deskcalendar Shoeslaces Dogleashes Dogcollar Waterbotteholders Brasspens Pencil Permanentmarker Breakawaypaperclip Stapleremover Correctiontape Correctiontapedispenser Pencilsharpener Businesscardholder Boxopener Boxcutter Dogtag Whistle Reflectiveslap Wristband Earplug Bandage Dispenser Sunglass Clip Cd/dvd opener&cleaner Papersoap Toothpick Dental floss sewing kit Nailfile Puzzle games Foamrocketgun Stressgripper Dartboard Boomerang. We print and decorate in-house with multiple print options available including pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving, digital printing, plastisol printing, Heat transfer & Offset printing.

Global Catalogue

Rave On Promotional Products is a leading supllier of the Global Catalogue range of promotional products and Corporate gifts. Introducing the next edition of the Global Catalogue - representing a sure step towards better serving your business. Promotional Producst and Corporate Gifts range including writing instruments
promotional stationery plastic pens italian pens metal & wood pens gift boxes pen sets parker waterman rotring beverage accessories
bottle openers coasters coffee accessories drink bottles ice mugs liquor accessories ceramic mugs thermo flasks travel mugs conference / travel
badges bags & accessories business card cases & holders compendiums genuine leather PC accessories fun 'n' games lanyards more travel accessories edible promotions
cannisters cookies coffee confectionery desk accessories
calculators clocks PC accessories fun 'n' games photo frames radios rofe design acrylics staplers stress shapes more desk items fun 'n' games keyrings lanyards outdoor / lifestyle
auto accessories binoculars & telescopes drink bottles health & fitness ice mugs picnic accessories thermo flasks travel mugs personal accessories
business card cases & holders genuine leather PC accessories manicure sets radios more personal items safety clothing healthcare products tools torches / lights wenger swiss knives

The 2004 Global Catalogue is indicative of a total commitment to providing a comprehensive range of quality products, at competitive prices.

In addition to an increased range of Promotional Writing Instruments and Corporate Gifts, the Global Catalogue is now offering the prestigious Rotring series and Wenger Swiss Army Watches. The Parker, Waterman and Wenger Swiss Army Knife ranges have again proved very popular and are also included with additions. Decorated items can be branded, embroidered, plastisol transfered, screenprinted, pad printed, engraved, labeled, digitally printed and much more.

Johnny Bobbin Clothing Range

Rave On Promotional Products is a leading supplier of Promotional Clothing from the Johnny Bobbin, Jeni Bobbin & Jimi Bobbin range. Items include Polo Shirts, T-Shirts or some might say Tee Shirts, Safety Shirts, Workwear, Sloppy Joes,
250 JB's 250GM Pique
2BE JB's Birds Eye Polo
2CJ JB's Jersey Polo
2CSP JB's Sleeve Panel Polo
2CT JB's Cotton Tipping Polo
2DN JB's Drop Needle Polo
2LD JENI B Drop Needle Polo
2LI JENI B Interlock Polo
2LSF JENI B 3/4 Slv Polo
2LSP JENI B Spandex Polo
2LSV JENI B V-Neck Spandex Polo
2MP JB's Moto Polo
2YD10 JB's 10cm Yarn Dye Polo
210 JB's 210 Polo
2DC JB's Double Contrast Polo
2PNH JB's Nail Head Polo
2EE JB's Eagle Eye Polo
2KCP JB's. Kids Contrast Polo
2NOP JB's Needle Out Polo
2PS JB's Pin Stripe Polo
210XL Johnny Polo L/S
2KLP Kids L/S Polo
2LCP JENI B Contrast Polo
2LPS JENI B 210GM Polo
2CP JB's Contrast Polo
S2CF COC Mens Cotton Face Polo
S2MP COC Mens cotton Pique Polo
COC Ladies Cotton Pique polo
S2LCP COC Ladies New Cotton Pique
S2CPP COC Mens Cotton Pigment Polo
S2OP COC Mens Ottoman Polo
S2OP1 COC Ladies Ottoman polo
1HT JB's Tee
1JRT JB's Ringer Tee
1KT JB's Kids Tees
1L3 JENI B 3/4 Slv Contrast Tee
1LC JENI B Crew Neck Tee
1LCPT JENI B Cap Sleeve Tee
1LLR JENI B Long Sleeve V-Neck Rib Tee
1LRT JENI B Ringer Tee
1LS JB's Long Sleeve Tee
1LSG JENI B Singlet
1LSNT JENI B Scoop Neck Tee
1LSP JENI B Spandex Tee
1LSV JENI B Spandex V-Neck Tee

JENI B V-Neck Tee

JB's Two Tone Tee

JENI B 3/4 V-Neck Rib Tee

JB's Fitted Raglan Sleeve Tee

JB's Singlet

COC Mens Tee

Jeni B Tee

COC Ladies Spaghetti Top

COC Ladies Athletic Singlet

3Fish Pty Ltd

Welcome to 3Fish, the fastest growing fairtrade company in Woodend. We’re passionate about fair trade and its power to tackle extreme poverty through trade. We believe that every life is precious, and go to long lengths to ensure our products are sweatshop free and kind to the environment. Every dollar you spend for yourself or your organisation has a ripple effect around the globe – make it count!

3M Australia Pty Ltd

3M is fundamentally a science-based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, and we're a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. Our success begins with our ability to apply our technologies - often in combination - to an endless array of real-world customer needs. Of course, all of this is made possible by the people of 3M and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for people around the world.

Headwear Professionals

Rave On Promotional Products is a proud distributor of the The Headwear Professional Range of Headwear, Caps, Beanies, Bucket Hats, Scarves and who have been in the headwear manufacturing industry since 1974, and now boasts a distribution network servicing all continents of the world.
Providing consistent quality headwear at an affordable price has helped the Group grow into one of the world's most expansive headwear suppliers with the Group now commonly regarded as 'The Headwear Professionals'. Decorated items can be branded, embroidered, plastisol transfered, screenprinted and much more.
The Headwear Professionals design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Caps & Hats worldwide. We are specialists in providing customised Headwear, whether it is large or small, corporate or sporting, licensed or retail. We can help you.

Take some time to browse through a sample of our products here on this website. If it can be done in Headwear then we can do it for you - just ask us

The Headwear Guarantee
This applies to Headwear that we have custom made for you - or Headwear ex our stock. Our Objective is to give you what you want-when you want it. We Guarantee our Products & Services. This means that we will do whatever is necessary to satisfy you. The Headwear Professionals solve headwear problems.


Legend Headwear, Jackets & Bags

Rave On Promotional Products is a proud distributor of the Great Southern Clothing Companies products including Legend Headwear, Legend Jackets, Legend Bags & Legend Lifestyle items. Decorated items can be branded by Screen Print
This process is best used for a single or 2 colour logo which can be easily applied to products with direct screening.

Decorating is achieved by pressing ink through a fine mesh screen, leaving a colour imprint on the fabric's surface. High visibility at a low cost!

Plastisol Transfers
Multi-colour logos are applied to products through the use of transfers. Logos are first reverse-screened onto a paper like material. The complete logo is then applied to the fabric's surface with heat & pressure.

Digital Transfers
The new technology of digital transfers allows for the production of more detailed logos, or the reproduction of photo quality finishes. The images are printed directly onto the transfer and then applied to the fabric's surface with heat and pressure.

Metal Badging
Custom badging is a fantastic decoration method to create a premium promotional product. You can customize the badge to your logo and choose from a variety of style to suit. Badges can be created to almost any shape, and can be antiqued, black highlighted and even in colour.

Marina Mugs & Glassware

The MARINA brand is the market leader in Australia for promotional mugs and glassware.

We work only with Australia's most professional Promotional Products supply companies, who promote our products and provide service in every state.

At MARINA, we have the largest range of promotional coffee mugs in stock in Australia, and our buying power ensures top quality at competitive prices.

Our aim is to be innovative marketers of quality printed products, and to grow our business and yours through creative marketing ideas.

We are founding members and multi-award winners of the prestigious Australasian Promotional Products Association.

Australian Spirit Clothing

The Australian Spirit clothing range catalogue is a great place to visit to check out the latest in good quality promotional clothing.

AAA Plastics

Wouldn't you like to create a new plastic product for a fraction of the cost and to the highest standard imaginable?
Get ready to embrace the future by engaging the services of SL Plastics. For over 35 years, we have delivered solid advancements in plastic product development for some of Australia's largest companies. Our proven track record means we are well placed to support your company's drive to embrace innovation. Remember, if you can imagine a product made of plastic, we can manufacture it. Now that's cutting-edge.

Abalone Aquasuits Pty Ltd

We hope the information you find on our website will create and strengthen our customer relations, also broaden the information available to new and existing customers.

Adori Leathergoods

For centuries leather has been used by the human race, for warmth, comfort and protection from the elements. In our modern society, we are surrounded by this natural material. We use it, wear it and admire it. It is important to point out however, that not all leathers are alike. They look and feel different, and they have different features and properties.

What distinguishes our leather products from other companies’ products, is that apart from bovine leather, we specialise in Kangaroo, emu, crocodile and ostrich. Kangaroo and emu are Australian indigenous animals, with ostrich (a bird with South African origins), which has adapted to Australian climatic and physical conditions, and the Indo-Pacific Porosous crocodile, which is almost unique to Australia with its distinct identifiable scale. These crocodiles are found in Queensland and Northern Territory.

Adsun Promotional Advertising

All styles in the UVPRO range have been carefully selected to have your clients logo(s) printed on the arms.

Promotional products can sometimes be perceived to be low in quality, but rest assured that the quality of our Sunglasses has not been compromised and our lenses comply fully with the current Australian standards.

Advance Badges Australia P/L

This online catalogue is a sample of our built to order products, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. These exclusively commissioned items are produced by Australia’s most gifted, highly trained professional modellers. We can produce a unique promotional product for your next corporate event, or to compliment your current line of retail gifts.

All these items can be designed with your company inscription or logo, either embossed into the moulds or decorated with colour. The possibilities are limitless. We offer a total solution from idea, concept design and manufacture to beautiful packaging of the finished product.

Take advantage of our overseas expertise in importing custom made products. Please speak to one of our sales consultants who will be more than happy to help you with an obligation free quote.


We hope that you will find all the information you need about our flags and signage solutions products when browsing our website. As we are continually updating the information contained in the website, please be patient with us and feel free to contact us directly for any further enquiries. Thank you and happy browsing!

If your clients are looking for Australian National flags this year, we have a range of products available including desk flags, handwavers, bunting strings and car flags. Contact us directly for further pricing and information.

Allmark & Associates Pty Ltd

Allmark is an in-house manufacturer. We offer you direct from the factory prices and clear information right from the source. We have the equipment, expertise and experience to provide you with the custom products you need.

Rely on use for fast service and quality workmanship

Altegra Australia Pty Ltd

Altegra is a brand name that encapsulates quality and affordability. The brand Altegra has been specifically designed and built to world standards, providing consumers with an experience far beyond expectation. Altegra's research and development has fast tracked a product that is now being seen as the leader of portable shade solutions. It is with this that Altegra Australia's mission to become a house hold name in Gazebos has become a reality.

The Altegra team are passionate and excited with the future development of the company and ask that our most important ingredient for success being yourself take part in this fantastic journey.

Antler Luggage

Our mission is to maintain market leadership within the travel goods and fashion industry, and continue to develop a new generation of high performance products, combining impressive strength with stylish good looks.

As these industries grow, The Cache Group wants the opportunity to create a wider choice of styles, both visually and practically. The company boasts three key hallmarks, which makes its wares distinctive, namely innovation, quality and style. These remain the hallmarks for which the company is renowned.

The Cache Group aims to provide the very best ranges of travel goods and fashion items available anywhere in the world under the one banner.

In 1981 Michael Roth formed WHY INTERNATIONAL, a company specializing in the importation of high quality designer label handbags and accessories which were branded Why. Over a period of the following five years the brand and the company became the market leader of distributing handbags made in high quality PVC trimmed with leather. Importantly WHY INTERNATIONAL was backed and supported by one of Japan's most famous handbag manufacturers namely Why, a company whose origins extended back before the commencement of hostilities of World War 2.

1983 saw the establishment of the CACHE brand of handbags and accessories. The production base for this high quality collection of full leather products was in South America. For many years the company imported finished products from Argentina and Uruguay. With advent of the Argentinian peso being revalued on par with the US dollar, the company moved its production base to the Far East and India.

In 1988 the companies directors decided to add luggage to it's product base and as a result obtained the distribution rights for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for ANTLER the most famous British Luggage Company founded in 1920.

1991 the group's luggage division decided to add a range of up market travel accessories to it's growing luggage division. As a result THE GO TRAVEL PRODUCTS COMPANY was established and today GO products are being sold in over 30 countries world wide.

Late 1997 saw a dramatic turn in the direction of fashion. Lifestyles simply changed from being structured and conservative to a contemporary casual look. As a result new and innovative materials such as micro fiber coupled with new designs began to be seen as the direction for the late 90's and new millennium.

Our group had to again move on with times. The directors saw the need to have an international brand name as part of the re development of its fashion division. In late 1998 the group secured the Distribution rights for HUSH PUPPIES and FRANKIE & JOHNNIE for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The importance of adding these two famous brand names to its corporate structure simply allows the group to expand and at the same time protect its market share in both its luggage and fashion divisions.

In 1999, the company moved into a second generation of family business with Sonney Roth becoming Managing Director.

In 2005, The Cache Group Of Companies began to distribute Revelation Luggage, catering for customers' needs at the lower end of the market. Revelation has been the market leader of budget luggage in the UK for the last decade.

Later in 2005, The Cache Group of Companies launched Antler Marine’s boat, CUP CRUISER. The boat is available for hire all year round, licensed to carry 14 passengers in comfort and style, and can be fully catered including a skipper and waiter. The Cup Cruiser caters for corporate entertainment and can be chartered to cruise the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers in Melbourne, Victoria.

In 2009, The Cache Group of Companies began to distribute Bramble & Brown, quality leather design at its finest.

Early 2010 has seen the start of officially licensed Qantas luggage and travel goods being distributed through The Cache Group of Companies in Australia.

APEX Goldstamping Co Pty Ltd

Apex Goldstamping Co are specialists in hot foil stamping & embossing.

With over 30 different stamping machines, we can stamp a wide variety of surfaces and items.

We can stamp onto:

• leather & bonded or split leather
• vinyl, PU, non-leather or leather-look
• plastic & acrylic
• paper & card

Architectural Sign Industries PTY LTD

The best testimony to our Quality is the company we keep - and keep on keeping! Leading companies continue to rely on Architectural Sign Industries for all their Engraving, Badges, Awards and Signage services.
We've been focused on the same core services since 1979. We are also planning on being around for quite a few years to come.
The vast majority of our work is done in-house, which is both time and cost effective. You are not paying margin-upon-margin when you work with Architectural Sign Industries.
Sometimes you know exactly what you want - and sometimes you do not. Our range of services means that we can genuinely consult to create the best solution for You - rather than try and push a specific solution because that is all we can offer.
We are committed to leading the industry. This means ensuring that if the latest technology can provide an advantage - use it. Or, be innovative in our product design. Check out the unique-to-Australia Reusable Personalised Badges as an example.
All client work and communications are treated with absolute confidentiality - our blue-chip client base is testimony to our discretion.

Audion Innovision

Audion is a leader in simplifying how our customers, suppliers and partners do business. Through energy, vision and ability we will deliver products and services that are innovative in our chosen markets.

We will deliver these in a timely, affordable and accurate fashion.

We will ensure our stakeholders' values are encouraged and our energy harnessed to deliver a level of service and support which is regarded and admired by all who transact with us.

Simplicity, integrity and fun will guide all our ideals.

Aushen Corporate Clothing

Aushen Corporate Merchandise is Australia’s leading provider of high-performance promotional products, complete print service and warehousing services.

Aushen has been operating since 1988 and serves many of Australia’s largest corporations with innovative branded merchandise

We are an Australian made manufacturer of clothing with in-house print and embroidery services for quick turnaround.

We have packing and warehousing facilities on our premises.

We are an importer of all promotional products: caps, bag, towels, clothing, bath robes, pens, watches, glassware, cubby houses, hammocks, cosmetic bags, hand bags,Sporting equipment, pedometer, scales etc.

Any product can be designed to suit your brand.

Ausport Clothing Pty Ltd

For more than 10 years, Sportage has provided you the best products from China, Bangladesh and beyond. We carry a massive floor stock to serve your needs quickly and efficiently. Welcome to our site, and thank you for your continued business.

Australian Corporate Diaries Pty Ltd

Australian Corporate Diaries, commenced business in 1992. Operating from Kenthurst, Sydney we have been incorporated since 14th July 1995. With our small team, loads of enthusiasm and dedication to quality and service, we have grown to become a successful 100% Australian owned diary specialist.

Australian Corporate Diaries has established itself as a reputable company customising diaries for the corporate market. Our intent is to focus on providing a service that is efficient, personal, accurate and friendly. We are confident that we have the quality product range and resources to meet the specific requirements of all customers.

As our products are Australian designed, they are very user friendly for the Australian consumer. Our diaries contain everything from holidays, school terms, conversion tables, international telephone codes and anniversary information. Because our diaries are made specifically for your company they can also be designed to include internal information such as company mission statements, telephone extensions and information on products and services.

All products can be personalised in a variety of ways including gold foiling, blind embossing, laser engraving, screen-printing, pad printing, embroidery or monogramming.

In addition to supplying our customers with an extensive selection of diaries, Australian Corporate Diaries can provide a range of corporate promotional items for functions, conferences and special events.

Australian Made Pewter

All of the listed product are made in Australia to Australian Standards, and from only the finest quality Alloy. Our production team have many years of experience behind them and are committed 100% to quality and service. As Pewter is a Precious metal, it is graciously received by all. The look and feel of Pewter not only represents lasting quality, but also an eminent lasting impression.

Australian Promotions Direct

APD provides an indent only service, which means we will always supply you with the most up to date and competitive pricing for the item you require. We don't hold stock and we are not limited by a catalogue and price list. This means our quotes do not have to include a safety margin in case of exchange rate fluctuations etc.

We are not affiliated to any particular factory; we have a network of preferred manufacturers who know that they have to supply us with the very best prices in order to keep our and your business.

We have offices in Australia and Hong Kong, so we manage the manufacture, shipping and importing of your goods at a local level. You buy from an onshore APPA supplier member in Australian dollars and avoid the risks of going direct.

Unlike other indent suppliers, we only ask you to pay the balance of your order when we have delivered the goods.

Basketworld by Satara

Australian run family Business

We are proudly an Australian family owned business based in Braeside Victoria, suppling the Australian market place with homewares and outdoor furniture sourced from all over the world.

Environmentally sustainable products from Basketworld by Satara

Our homewares products are made from naturally grown and sustainable materials including seagrass, wicker, corn husk, rattan, pandanas grass and coco stick. So you know when you purchase our products the immediate and long term impact on the environment is minimal.

Baz Bags Pty Ltd

Suppliers since 1976 of a wide range of promotional products, kitchenware &
electronics. We import, manufacture locally, carry large stocks, custom make a
wide range of items & can design, improve, amend any piece of artwork to your

Bic Graphics

Quality Range of Promotional & Gift Pens.


Bizmugs are unique coffee mugs.

Innovatively designed to break the mould of standard coffee mugs, Bizmugs generate promotional and advertising opportunities over and above those created by regular shaped mugs.

Bizmugs have been individually created to represent different icons of industry and they can be used to reinforce advertising messages. Used as a pro-active marketing tool they can be used in a diversity of ways. Bizmugs can be business-getters, idea-starters, thought-provokers, campaign-makers, and theme tie-ins all moulded into one.

There are one hundred and one ways to use Bizmugs…the obvious and the less obvious.

BOA Bottles of Australia

Australias Largest Range of Drink Bottles

Calibrated Printing Services

Operating since 1996
We are an Australian owned and operated company situated near Brisbane Queensland.
We are a screen printing business which both manufactures and imports products to print and on sell to promotional products professionals in Australian and New Zealand.

Callaway Golf

Leadership. Innovation. Passion.

It's what drives Callaway Golf and our partners to be better. Partnerships that go far beyond logoed products. We're forging relationships and providing enhanced programs giving you the edge for your golf initiatives. Our clubs, golf balls and accessories send a strong message: you're aligned with the top brands in golf.

Build Your Business With Every Shot

Whether you're hosting a tournament, looking for that unique corporate gift or wanting to stand out from the crowd, Callaway Golf can help you leave a lasting impression. Apply your logo, tournament name or message to any one of our high performance products. Our industry leading logo reproduction, production equipment and customer service team can create a customised solution that meets your objectives and exceeds your expectations. What you put your logo on says a lot. Show the world you play with the best in golf.

Can Do International

Can Do International Manufacturers and Printers of Stubby Holders, Neoprene Promotional Products, Neoprene and Sublimation Supplies. Sole Australian and New Zealand distributors of the unique 'Slap, Wrap and Go!' (Aust. Patent #736,733) Stubby Holders Can Do International is proud to be one of the largest 'Trade Only' manufacturers of printed Neoprene Stubby/Can Coolers in Australia. We supply throughout Australia exclusively to the Promotional, Advertising, Events, Conference, Reseller and Print markets. We are a proud 'Supplier' member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association. At Can Do International, we import only the best quality neoprene rubber components and employ the latest techniques in print technology. Full Colour Dye Sublimation and Plastisol Screen Printing are our specialty. Our standard Stubby Holder comes with a base and heat sealed tape – using high quality glues. Since 1997 we have produced many millions of Stubby Holders for the Australasian Promotional and Print market. We are also the sole Australian & New Zealand distributors of the patented 'Slap, Wrap and Go!' stubby holder (Australian Patent # 736,733). It starts out flat, but with its unique internal construction it quickly wraps around almost any sized beverage container when lightly slapped against its surface. 'Slap, Wrap and Go!' are lightweight, colourful, attractive and durable. The flat design allows for efficient storage and freighting - the perfect product for marketing mail-outs and product launches! Can Do International have implemented strict quality controls and our in-house production team follows stringent manufacturing procedures. These guidelines result in very high standards and efficient production methods. The end result is a cost effective, professional product - delivered to you on or before deadline. Our company policy is to strive for the very best standards of service, manufacturing a large range of high quality Stubby Holders that will promote your clients message professionally and creatively.


Promotional I.T.Solutions are the experts when it comes to giving you the best, most creative and ingenious I.T. promotional products. We have been at it for 20 years.

As an importer, wholesaler and manufacturer , our four core products groups are:

1) Mouse Mats
2) Caprina Computer Carry Cases
3) Technology Products
4) Desk Top Computer Products

As quick as technology changes, we have the latest gadgetry. We will souce the right product at the right price - JUST ASK!

Carbine Collection 2007

Please visit this site for a great range of corporate gifts and premiums.

Carbine Collection 2007

Please visit this site for a great range of promotional & corporate gift pens.

Chocolate Works

Chocolate Works is recognised as Australia's premium supplier of customised chocolate products for the promotional, corporate, hospitality and special event industries. We began in 1999 and have forged a reputation for being a creative and reliable manufacturer of customised chocolate products. Our uniqueness comes from our ability to completely customise your chocolate to your exact needs. We can design and manufacture a chocolate in almost any shape, design, size, and packaging. We are the chocolate specialists. Our products range from the simple to the complex. Take a look around our site and get some ideas together, something might take your fancy, or otherwise, let us know your dreams and we'll put it into chocolate.
In 2007 Chocolate Works acquired Sydney based rival Custom Chocolates and now operates under both business names providing an even broader range of products and capabilities

Clown Balloons Australia Pty Ltd

All your printed balloon requirements and expectations will be met and exceeded by us.

We only use helium quality, fully biodegradable balloons for all our printed balloons.

Our commitment to assist you with your needs is our first objective. We do everything in house allowing us to serve your needs quickly and efficiently.

Need design help? We are happy to help you with design if required.

We are so sure you will be happy that we supply a money back guarantee on all our work and products.

We pride ourselves on service with a smile. For all this quality and service you will pay no more, in fact you will find you cannot beat our prices, so pick a balloon colour, ink colour and get started.

Confectionery Corner Pty Ltd

Confectionery Corner is a supplier of Branded and Novelty Confectionery to the Promotional, Wedding and Special Events Markets.

We have a large variety of confectionery and amazing packaging options.

If you can’t find what you are seeking on the website – give us a call!

Cumberland Stationery Co Pty Ltd

Cumberland Stationery Company are Australian manufacturers and importers of an extensive range of stationery, diaries, and office products. You may be a reseller, retailer, end user, casual browser or you may be one of those people who just loves looking at the latest fashion stationery.

Whoever you are, this website has something for you! This site is designed to be quick and easy for you to navigate. So click your choice from the menu above.

Dasi Pen Pty Ltd

Fountain Pen Retailer : The Pen Shop of Sydney
Now in its 70th year as a family business and still striving to live up to our aim of .... “doing one thing well”.

The expertise on which our service is based has been developed in the process of becoming Australia’s first manufacturer of pens - Dasi Pen from 1938 until 1976 - and also an importer, wholesaler, exporter and retailer of writing instruments

Decor Promotional Products Pty Ltd

The MARINA brand is the market leader in Australia for promotional mugs and glassware.

We work only with Australia's most professional Promotional Products supply companies, who promote our products and provide service in every state.

At MARINA, we have the largest range of promotional coffee mugs in stock in Australia, and our buying power ensures top quality at competitive prices.

Our aim is to be innovative marketers of quality printed products, and to grow our business and yours through creative marketing ideas.

We are founding members and multi-award winners of the prestigious Australasian Promotional Products Association.

Dex Group

We are a multi faceted company specializing in the decoration of promotional and industrial 3 dimensional products.

Dex Group incorporates pad printing, Laser engraving, screen printing and plastisol transfer. we will be offering Decal mug and mug sublimation services soon.

As a 'ONE STOP' promotional products decorator, all your requirements will be dealt with under one roof.

Our work is unsurpassed in the industry and by providing excellent quality with a fast and efficient turnaround our guarantee to you is 'you will come back'.

With our latest technology and highly trained staff, we are making your 'impossible' become 'possible', please do try our 'multi colour printing on stress ball'.

Dex Group started supplying Stress Shapes since April 2006, now we have widest range of stress shapes products in Australia.

Doctom Innovations

We offer what we consider to be a unique suite of products and services. We want you to consider us as your own overseas production and logistics departments. Allow us to leverage upon our relationships to get you the best price on your indent orders. We can deliver your concepts to you door, handling all aspects of production from sourcing through to the customs clearance.

If however, you simply require a competitive rate for international freight we are also too willing to assist with that as well. Give us the opportunity to quote on you next international consignment and we're sure that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Duro-Lenz Pty Ltd

Why Choose Duro-Lenz?
Because we’re dedicated to producing Product and Corporate Branding Solutions that… Gets You Noticed More!
Because our products are tough…..they will generally outlast the products they are being stuck onto
Because we have a total commitment to ongoing research and development
Because…. from concept to completion, we do it all!
Because we are a friendly team of true professionals
Because we’ve been around for nearly 20 years
Because we are really good at what we do
Because we deliver on time, every time

Duro-Lenz create distinctive corporate branding devices such as - dome badges, labels, stickers, decals, custom ID badges, security name badges, barcoded tags and promotional products like employee name badges, key tags, bag tags and zipper tags.

Our clients tell us it’s amazing what a difference we can make to their product and corporate image branding, but don’t just take our word for it …

Dynamic Headwear

We have a large range of backpacks, sports bags, satchels, compendiums, cooler bags and many, many styles to choose from.
Minimum orders start at: 100 units per style / per colourway.
View our whole range: Click on the Bags Express icon on the HOME PAGE.

Ebtech Industries Pty Ltd

Electron Beam Welding, Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Vacuum Brazing and Vacuum Heat Treating.

We service a vast range of industries which include:




Medical & Scientific

General Engineering

Promotional Industry

Egrips Australia

Egrips phone grips protect your phone or other hand-held device from slipping out of your hand or any other surface.

Epicentre Trading Pty Ltd

Our company demands the highest quality from its factories and works hard to develop and maintain strong working relationships with suppliers both here and overseas. We keep a very close eye on every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that our customers receive the very best there is to offer.

If you believe one of our products falls short of this high standard please speak to your distributor. Please note that normal wear and tear and variations in dye lots are not considered to be faults in a product.

As we continue to improve our range, product changes may be made without prior notice.

Fashion Clubwear

Be noticed and proud of the company or club you represent. Let Fashion Clubwear help you to build your market profile by designing a wardrobe that will sharpen your image and set your company ahead of the rest.

FCW was established in 1980 selling pure wool jumpers. Today we manufacture Polo Shirts, Winter Wear, Summer Wear, Sports Jerseys, Shoes, Boots,, Scarves, Fleece, T Shirts, Travel Bags, Backpacks, Computer & Shoulder Bags, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball and School Uniforms.

Wherever possible, our garments are proudly made in Australia and we are committed to supporting Australian industry. See our blog

To compliment your garments we can embroider or screen-print to your specifications. Our technology enables us to reproduce your logo with our own in house digitising system.

Our staff will advise, source or develop special items that you may require to create or compliment your current wardrobe.

Flexi-Print Pty Ltd

Manufacturing the highest quality heat seal transfers, digital prints, numbers and lettering and computer cut logos and vinyl materials. All products can be applied with ease with the use of a quality heat press machine.

All these services can all be supplied to you to be applied in-house to cover all your printing needs. The application is simple but effective when applied to t-shirts, polos, hoodies, windcheaters, hats, sports bags, tote bags, towels and many other products. Every job is different, therefore we have a number of different processes to suit all printing requirements for workwear, fashion wear, sportswear, school wear, personalized and promotional items, and sublimated garments.

Flockmaster Australia

We are a leading service provider and constantly innovate new ideas, latest techniques in order to offer best
services such as, plastisol transfers, flock transfers, digital transfers and dye sublimation printing to our
customers in the highly competitivemarketplace. Constant innovations and creative skills are the cornerstone
of our success. We keep abreast of the changing technologies and trends that are used in this industry
worldwide. Our innate desire to offer impeccable quality and pro-active services has helped us acquire the
trust of our clients all across the globe.

We are constantly sourcing the absolute best production techniques, computer systems and industry materials.
We have our finger on the pulse of the latest developments in the
Flockmaster can offer a wide range of products and services we pride ourselves on customer care and
have a variety of backup services available.

Flockmaster has been printing transfers for over 30 years and with its dedicated staff has over 150 years
of transfer printing experience.


An excellent selection of glassware, including beer, wine and tumblers.

Grace Collection

A Great selection of Headwear & Bags for all occasions.

Groovy Chocolate Pty Ltd

Originally established in the UK in 2000, our Australian team opened for business in April 2006. Although we share a name and some website images with the original GroovyChocolate company, we are owned and run completely independently from our base in Melbourne. We are one of Australia's leading suppliers of promotional chocolate & confectionary, and offer a great range of locally sourced Australian made products at competitive prices.

Always keen to have something different and out-of the ordinary, we have introduced a number of innovative products to the market, including our original full colour edible print chocolates, chocolate filled Advent & Countdown Calendars, printed Shortbread, printed Mints and personalised Easter Eggs.
Rather than simply emulate products already available elsewhere from other companies, we carry a smaller range of more distinctive product lines, and are proud of the fact that our products are different and just that little bit more special. We are always looking out for new niche products to add to our range - watch this space!

Not just for show - we've gone to great lengths to ensure all of our products taste as good as they look. Your clients or friends won't thank you for something that looks great on the surface but actually tastes terrible, as can often be the case with promotional confectionary. We have selected the best local factories for our production, and for selected lines we even use premium brands such as Cadbury, Chocolatier and Belgian chocolate for our Choc Blocks

H2H Lifestyle

Over 30 years experience have led to the birth of H2h.

We have learnt over the years that there is no substitute for a quality made product that is functional and well priced. Our focus has been to source and distribute products that will stand the test of time and where possible are environmentally friendly.

In partnership with world renowned manufacturers, we are committed to provide our valued customers with innovative, well made products at competitive prices.

Our products have been tried and tested all over the world and carry a 2 year limited warranty.

We are Australian owned distributors, importers and manufacturers of your everyday lifestyle products:

Wine & Sparkling Wine Accessories
Lifestyle Products
Corporate & Promotional Products
Pest Control Products

Hagemeyer Brands Corporate

Hagemeyer Brands Corporate (HBC) is a special division of Hagemeyer servicing promotional/incentive/marketing distributors. HBC supplies Hagmeyer's high quality brand names for loyalty, incentive, recognition, service and reward programs.

If you want to leave a good impression, promote your corporate image, provide a permanent reminder, reflect your high standards or provide lasting thanks and recognition for a job well done, then look no further! HBC have a range of lifestyle products:

· JVC - Audio Visual Products

· Polaroid - Instant Cameras

· Polaroid - Sunglasses

· Omega Altise - Heating and Cooling

· Eurolux - Heating

· Blanco, Omega and Smeg - European Appliances

As the local face of each brand, HBC matches the most competitive prices with inside knowledge of the next season's products and hot items. Therefore distributors have the cost benefits, the one stop shop approach and the service benefits of a local business dedicated to your industry.

Hammer Print

Hammer Print, Sydney's specialist pad and screen printer with over 20 years of experience has established itself as one of the leading promotional product decorators in Australia. We offer a friendly, quality, reliable pad printing and screen printing service for the full range of promotional products for Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane.

The staff at Hammer Print are extremely experienced, rest assured that your products are in capable hands. We can pad print 100,000 pens or screen print a single umbrella.

Our turn-around times (for most jobs a few days) are unequalled and our pricing remains extremely competitive. The price list at left is only a guide, please call us for a quote on unusual items or very large runs.

Hanna Group

Welcome to HANNA Group – Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of promotional products. HANNA Group is a member of APPA – the Australasian Promotional Products Association – and has acquired the status as industry leader in promotional products for brands, through a corporate philosophy of superior customer service with a proven track record of quality, price competitiveness and assured on time delivery.

Promotional products that HANNA Group manufacture and supply include Drink Coasters, Calendars, Book and Box Matches, Advertising Balloons, BIC brand printed Lighters, Shavers, Pens and Pencils, AdTissues, Sun Visors, Toothpicks and Cutlery Sleeves.

The Branded Glassware and Specialist Packaging solutions HANNA Group offer provide exceptional, cost effective solutions for brands in today’s highly competitive consumer environment. Speak to one of our consultants for ideas to effectively promote your brand or to add value to your current promotional activities.

Headwear Stockists

The Headwear Professionals design, manufacture and supply a wide range of Caps & Hats worldwide. We are specialists in providing customised Headwear, whether it is large or small, corporate or sporting, licensed or retail. We can help you. Pty Ltd

colour, design, texture & finish. leads the way with designer fashion packaging, social stationery and gift lines.
richly embellished gift bags & exquisite gift boxes ranging from sweet treasure chests to elegant wine boxes, ingenious envelopes to versatile & sturdy hampers. co-ordinated social & event stationery including Invitation kits, place cards, thank you cards & notecards. breathtaking photo albums, guest books & journals. finishing touches include ribbon & tissue.

whether you are a retailer, corporate promoter, event manager, merchandising professional or hamper specialist,'s commitment is to provide you with the latest in style, impact, functionality & fun.

We are proud Australian designers with a passion for packaging, stationery & gift ideas. – bright, bold, beautiful. is proud to be associated with The Carton House – a well established company specialising in the design, print and manufacture of cardboard packaging for retail and display.
If you would like to discuss a fully customised program, contact us on 1300 132 522 (outside Aus. +613 9388 0261), and ask for 'The Carton House' or contact us with your details and requirements here .

Hydr8 Water

Custom labelled bottled water is the future of promotional products. It makes the perfect promotional gift and is a cost effective form of promotional advertising. Custom labelled bottled water stands apart from other promotional items because it's a healthy and cost effective form of marketing.

Hydr8 is Australia's premier bottled water supplier. We've been packaging water and providing wholesale water bottles to thousands of satisfied customers since 2000.

Hydr8 uses only the best quality, purest water available in our promotional water bottles. We don’t warehouse our stock so you get the freshest water each time you order. We are the ONLY company in Australia that can offer national production, so no matter where you are - we can deliver.

If you have any questions we invite you to read through our FAQ page or contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss your next order.


The 08/09 catalogue offers new styles, colours and a wider size curve. Each garment is unique and exclusive to identitee and reflects our uncompromising focus on quality, style and fit.
The use of superior fabrics and trim details is the hallmark of the identitee product.

Image Collection

Welcome to the all new imagecollection website - bigger and better than ever with an expanded brand section that includes exclusive names like Morrissey and Salt + Pepper. We’re also excited to introduce our ‘build your own’ concept that allows you to instantly create promotional products in just about any colour combination. Whatever your need, whatever you want, imagecollection’s inspiring ideas are guaranteed to make your next promotion a standout success.

The range includes IC Brands, IC Gifts, IC Pens, IC Bags, IC Green & IC Stuff.

imagecollection is the most distinguished promotional product supplier in Australia. Since the early 1990’s a strong customer focus, diverse product range, attention to quality and reliable stock service has forged our outstanding industry reputation as a wholesaler of corporate promotional products, incentives, rewards and gifts.

Our philosophies are uncomplicated, reinforced by a strong values driven culture and a commitment to operational excellence, setting benchmark standards in the promotional products industry and positioning imagecollection as the first choice for our agents, our staff and our supplier partners.

Incentivate Pty Ltd

Offering an exclusive range of corporate watches and electronic giftware - the result of decades of experience designing and manufacturing products for promotion, rewards & incentives, corporate & retail giftware.
Ask your promotional product supply company for more details, or contact us for the name of a distributor in your area.

JM Eyewear

As a specialist eyewear supplier, JM has expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of the eyewear business. From this position, JM is perhaps more equipped than anyone else to focus on clients' individual needs and issues. Our experience and knowledge of the market ensure that we can provide not just products, but total sales solutions to our clients, maximizing their profits. At JM Eyewear we are dedicated to addressing all avenues for increasing product sales and customer satisfaction. Here at JM, your satisfaction is number one.

Kings Speciality Print

Kings Specialty Print has been leading the standard in Pad Printing for over 25 years. A specialist printer of promotional and industrial items Kings has earned a reputation as leaders in their field.

Conveniently located in Alexandria, Kings provides optimum quality and friendly service. Our showroom is open for customers to browse and staff are more than happy to assist and answer any questions.

Kings specialises in printing plastics, wood leather, metal and ceramic surfaces. Packing and freight services combine to make a total fulfilment solution.

Kings Specialty print has been awarded the Appa Best printer in New South Wales award in 1999, 2005 and 2007.

KW Online

KW Online Store Provides variety products, hardware and software, DVD Movies, Games Our goal is Unbeatable Price, Great Variety, and Reliable Prices.

Linkron Australia Pty Ltd

Linkron Australia has been dedicated to providing businesses and industries with products of good quality, efficient service and competitive prices. From neoprene rubber, heat seal tape, foam-backed fabric to Linkfast® touch tape and other products, Linkron Australia is definitely the LINK you need to source your exact requirements.

Our customer base includes international wetsuit and diving suit manufacturers, furniture makers, promotional products suppliers, medical and health companies, and stationery wholesalers.


For over 20 years, Linkron Australia has dedicated to providing businesses and industries with efficient service and competitive prices. We constantly source products overseas and locally to keep up with the ever changing demands of business. From neoprene rubber, heat seal tape, foam-backed fabric to Linkfast® touch tape and many more products, Linkron Australia is definitely the LINK you need to source your exact requirements.

Satisfied Customers

By delivering superior service and supply, our growing list of satisfied customers include:

* International Wetsuit & Diving Suit Manufacturers
* Furniture Makers
* Medical and Health Companies
* Stationary Wholesalers

LW Reid

Quality Sportswear, Schoolwear & Corporate Clothing.


Established in 1992 Mag-Foil are manufacturers and suppliers of promotional products.

Mario International

Mario International is based at Sydney. We operated Knitting factories in Taiwan and China. Dealing with Mario, you are dealing with factory directly.

Mario International can offer professional advice, competitive pricing and fast turnaround time on customised design. Promotional products are made to order and indent only. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) applies

Master Engraving

The essence of the AwardMe philosophy is to provide you, the presenter with a symbol of the acknowledgment your recipient deserves for the efforts they have given.

Your award presentation is an opportunity to recognise excellence throughout the whole organisation as it represents the best in both personal achievement and respect from our colleagues.

We aim to make the exchange between the 'You and Me' a memorable one - a positive reinforcement.

Many of our awards are inspired by and made in Australia. We do not simply resell overseas designs but create awards that say we are 'unique'.

Steelarc, Platinum, Emerald and Contemporary awards are all exclusive to AwardMe distributors.

MK Promotions Pty Ltd

Established in 1984, MK Promotions is a family-owned and operated specialty and promotional printing business.

The company’s expertise is in decorating three dimensional items that can be as small as a button on the dashboard of a car right up to large industrial products. Round products such as golf balls are a speciality.

We decorate on any type of hard material - plastic, metal, leather, glass or ceramics - for industrial designers, promotions companies and directly for businesses and government departments who want a quality printed job and guaranteed on-time delivery.

Our Carrum Downs production facility, 35 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, houses the best pad printing machinery in the world and has well trained and experienced staff, which makes MK Promotions the top choice for the most complex or simple of projects.

The first contract 3D decorator in Australia, MK Promotions continues to lead the way in the pad printing industry.

Multiline Australia P/L

Multiline was established in 1995 by Managing Director, Gail Culling to provide specialist promotional product representation of non-competing promotional product manufacturing and/or supply companies. Our well trained staff visit and provide service to over 1000 Promotional Product Distributors Australia wide by way of regular sales calls to all capital cities. Currently there is a Multiline office and fully equipped showroom in Melbourne and Sydney with the head office based in Brisbane.

New Waves Merchandising Pty Ltd

For more than 7 years we have supplied promotional product distributors and decorators with the QUOZ brand, an extensive range of casual apparel including:

T Shirts, Polos, ladies’ and men’s Singlets, Rash Vests, Shorts and Hooded Sweaters to suit all sizes and ages – including a large range of children’s styles. There is also corporate apparel and hi-vis workwear in stock. Watch us, as we are always expanding the ranges.

We also now offer a wide range of merchandise. Much of this is held here in Australia, so we can fill those urgent orders for you. Merchandise includes pens, calculators, clocks, bottle openers etc.

Because we own the factories we use for indenting our apparel we are able to offer superior service and very competitive pricing. We can offer low indent numbers for apparel. (300 units per style per colour across 7 sizes per order) and can offer very quick turnaround too. The great news is that you can track your indent order all the way from the website.

Nichol Industries Pty Ltd

For Over 50 years NICHOL Industries Pty. Ltd. has been in the forefront of manufacturing of Badges, Marking and Traceability products and their related services, with the expertise and capacity to provide exceptional solutions to you as our client or associate.

Nottage International Pty Ltd

The art of corporate gift selection

Oddball Pty Ltd

OddBall Pty. Ltd. started business in January 1996. The name OddBall was chosen because it best describes the business and the products we wanted to create.

The OddBall strategy was to create items from concept to finished product. There has always been an emphasis on innovation, fun and making our products locally in Australia. This makes for a really interesting business where new things are happening all the time.

We design and manufacture promotional products for all areas of business as well as produce our own retail lines…mainly for the retail souvenir industry.


A Collection of Corporate Gifts.


Strategies Unleashed Pty Ltd T/AS OziBadge is an Australian based wholesale supplier and online retailer of innovative LED and Electro-Luminescent (EL) promotional products including the 'All New' Sparkle Neon Board and the latest generation of Ultra Bright 'Super Slim' LED Lightboxes.

Palazzi (Trading) Pty Ltd

Palazzi (Trading) Pty Ltd began in 1956 as a manufacturer of leather jackets for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. In 1972 Simon Kessel, the company's present day owner and Managing Director, acquired the business after working as an employee for six years. Under Simon's leadership, the company quickly expanded by establishing new networks and importing a variety of rain and ski jackets. The company's major brands are Palazzi and Huski.

Palazzi was introduced in 1972 and rapidly grew in recognition to become, and still is, a leading ladies brand in Australia.

The company's menswear division has distinctive summer and winter ranges branded under the Huski label. In winter, the company distributes jackets through the major department stores as well as through specialty camping and outdoor retailers. Industrial or work-wear clothing is similarly distributed throughout Australia. In summer the Huski brand of clothing is distributed across Australia through the major department stores and boutique outlets'

PNW International Pty Ltd

BOCINI is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of promotional clothing. Our passionate pursuit of high quality fabrics and designs have made BOCINI a unique brand in the industry.

POS Displays Pty Ltd

Manufacturers of all types of displays. Custom designs and fabrication.

Premier Awards Pty Ltd

Established in 1960, Premier Awards offer an extensive range of products for Awards, Recognition & the Promotional needs of your organization.

Whatever the budget our years of experience provide professional service which satisfies the needs and standards of even the most stringent clients. Combining Artistic flair with the craft of diligent trades people Premier Awards produce only the highest quality workmanship
including the realisation of your customised design requirements.

Our customer base covers a wide range of companies and corporations as well as resellers such as Advertising, Marketing and Design Agencies.
We also manufacture and engrave for other Trophy, Engraving and Sign Companies.

Our policy is to provide only professionally crafted awards to our clients that will stand proud in the hands of your acheivers.
We guarantee the quality of our workmanship and the efficiency of our Service.

Premier Balloons

Colour is the essence of a balloon. It is responsible for impact, visual stimulation, and creating a mood and theme. Premier recognises the importance of colour and our range reflects this.
In modifying a colour or developing a new one, we consider the following factors as essential elements of the final product:

Our Range Creativity is part of what makes the balloon industry exciting. Giving our customers the freedom to be creative by offering a complete, quality range of balloons and colours is part of our job.

Colour Name In communicating our colours, we choose to define them by their hue, value, saturation and/or temperature. We also give several alternate names, in order to help you to help visualise our colours, making them easy to identify and select.

Industry Trends Whether our balloons are used as decoration or to theme an event, part of a balloon sculpture or as a delivery, colour trends play an important part in your choice of colour. Our range is constantly modified to keep up with these trends

Pride Leather Products Pty Ltd

The Classic Concepts range is designed & developed by a proudly Australian owned company established in 1959.

Our products consist of current interpretations of classic items made from both natural and man made materials - this allows us to meet all budgets.

Orders both large and small are supplied from stock or made to client specifications in a few weeks.

Please read our Glossary to be fully informed on product terminology.

Please be aware that the Cart function of this website is currently only for our dealer network.

We trust you enjoy these Classic Concepts.

Printec International Trading

Since 1996, Stencil have been bringing innovative new designs and fabrics into the Australian corporate, promotional, uniform and sportswear market. Stencil is best known for their high-quality, high-concept fabrics such as a yarn-woven Cool-Dry®, liquid-repelling Nano-Gear®, the vibrant and super-comfortable Solar-Lite® and their most recent addition, Bio-Weave®, a silky blend of plant cellulose and Cool-Dry® yarn.

Stencil's product range spans from distinctively styled polos and t-shirts for both men and women to business shirts, cold-weather clothing (including fleeces and jackets) and custom orders. Though Stencil is constantly working on creating and refining their new fabric technologies for each season, Stencil also appreciate the value of more traditional fabrics, from soft cottons to poly/cotton waffles. By understanding the intrinsic values of different materials, Stencil is able to match the ideal characteristics for a given item of clothing to the most appropriate fabric or blend.

Stencil carries a full stock service on all of their product lines with the promise of fast & professional service. Stencil trusts that their range will help you and your label stand out from the crowd.

Pro Print Group Pty Ltd

Pro Print Group is an award winning Garment & Textile Screen Printing Company. Established in 1990, our head office is located in Sydney Australia with a network of overseas factories operating in China with representative offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hong Kong and London.

Pro Print Group has been trading for over 17 years, specialising in Garment Screen Printing, Digital Transfers and Embroidery whilst servicing the Advertising, Promotional and Fashion industries.

We use a number of specialty inks in the decoration of garments, apparel and merchandise ensuring a high standard in quality. In addition our team can supply Banners, Bags, Flags, Bandannas, Swimwear, Work wear, Corporate wear, T-Shirts, Headwear, High Visibility garments, providing a total fulfilment service. We have spent countless days and nights perfecting our process which has in turn made us the best in the business.

Pro Print Group has won the Australasian Printing Awards for two consecutive years and has a reputation for quality artwork and creative printing, whilst establishing a reputation for providing a superior standard of service.

It is our commitment to being an international best practice company within the competitive Screen Printing Industry, attuned to understanding its markets and in meeting and exceeding its customers needs.

It is our objective to adopt a Quality Management approach, integrating the principles of continuous improvement of our systems and process, involving our management and employees, working in partnership with our customers and suppliers to ensure that all our quality work and services meet regulatory requirements and standards.

Promo First Aid

The Promo First Aid range of kits and supplies are TGA compliant and use quality first aid components. First aid kits include WorkCover approved first aid instructions. The broad range of case options and containers are stylish with plenty of area for printing logos. Soft cases are made from high quality 840D nylon.

We are also able to supply customers with a custom design service and will design, develop and build a first aid kit to your specification.

Promo First Aid products are only available through selected promotional product resellers

Promo Golf Products

Great range of promotional golf items to keep your image on course.

Promotional I.T. Solutions

For all your Information & Technology promotional products & gifts,look here.

Promotional Product Industries

Promotrends News
Latest Price List October 2009. Please contact us if you require an emailed copy. (Promotional Product Companies only).

We are pleased to announce that Promotrends are the exclusive distributor of Maxwell and Williams homewares to the Promotional Product industry.

Please click on the Maxwell and Williams logo to search for products available in their extensive range.

Four colour process sports Bottles: For the first time in Australia we can offer a quality 4 colour process printing on our range of sports bottles. Minimum quantities apply. Samples available on request.

We are running out our range of Versa-Tote bags at cheap prices. Call us for details.

Our product catalogue includes the popular 'Fantastic Plastic' range. This includes Drink Bottles, Frisbees, Lunch Boxes, Rulers, Number Plate Surrounds and Key tags. We also stock First Aid Kits and Tissues.

All of our plastic products are manufactured locally giving us total control of quality and quantity which means we always have stock when you need it. In addition, all plastic products are made from high grade food safe plastic.

Coffee Mugs are always popular and we offer a full range of models and colours. All our coffee mugs are decorated using a high fired kiln process ensuring that the ink pigment is fired into the glazing of the mug and thus dishwasher safe, unlike pad printing which is only temporary.

We are the exclusive agent for Crown Glassware in the Promotional Product market. We also stock gift boxing to suit all models of glasses.

Our range of competitively priced products is designed for maximum impact at minimal cost and our aim is offer you the best products in terms of price and quality.

We decorate all of our products in-house, our range of decoration includes screen printing, pad printing, rotary screen printing, ceramic and glass decal firing.

Our latest printing machine is a computer numeric controlled, multi colour unit which prints at high speed with excellent print quality.

Quadtec Pty Ltd

In 1988 Quadtec introduced laser marking and engraving to Australia.
Since then we have pioneered the development of laser technology to
become the leading laser marking and engraving service provider in

Through the development of our own laser specific hardware and software Quadtec is committed to offer a better and more advanced service for
Promotional and Industrial applications.

Rainbird Umbrellas

Welcome to the Rainbird Umbrellas website, where you will find an umbrella for every occasion…..

Rain umbrellas to keep you dry, or shade from sun umbrellas so you won't fry: Rain or Shine, we have you covered.

Be it a folding umbrella; men's ladies or unisex umbrella; golf umbrella; beach umbrella; café umbrella or market umbrella; in the pages of this site you will find an extensive range of umbrella products with a unique product offering in nearly all product categories.

Most umbrellas can be decorated with a logo - so for a product that gets noticed whenever it's used, an umbrella is hard to beat.

Results Sales Promotion P/L

Welcome to the Reseller Support website!
Our Reseller Support website has been set up for your exclusive use.

It includes reseller price lists & information to help you sell our products. If you have any suggestions for other information that you would like to see included on this site please contact us.

We're Different
We prefer to provide Australian made personal use items including sunscreens, lipbalms and hand creams, plus some “left field” items like the Jelly Bean brochure.

Be different
Promote one of our branded personal items to your clients for their customers. An item that they would normally buy for themselves will be kept and the message will stay with the customer… not in the bin.

Too small?
Never! If you just need 20 items, branded with your logo for a conference in 3 days time… let's try. If it’s 20,000 for a campaign next quarter… that’s better!!

Satisfied Customers?
Many of our customers are very happy to give testimonials about the great success they have had using our products in their promotional campaigns. Why not listen to some of these - find them all on the Client Interviews page or individually on relevant product pages.

>>> What's New? <<<
• Updated product page for Lipblam Sticks (Mar 10)

• the True Collection website - replaces our Client website with its own
branding and dedicated web address. (Sep 09)

• Label Dispenser - here are 100 opportunities to make your
customers feel important - give them a Label Dispenser loaded
with 100 labels personalised with their name and your logo on the
dispenser. Every time they use a label, they’ll think of you! (Jul 09)

• Release of the Greatest Promo Hits CD - great ideas to promote
campaigns and products to your clients (Mar 09)

• Self Promotion Brochures - now there are 2 great ways to promote
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Sagamore Industries Pty Ltd

Established in 1957, Sagamore Industries has grown to be a leader in plastic fabricated and welded products, including corporate and school diaries, wallets, printing both screen and litho formats, casemade, indices, binders, wire-o, polypropylene products, swatching, promotional items, packaging and stationery completes the total Sagamore range.

Sagamore are creative designers and manufacturers of quality PVC, polypropylene, paper and printed products as well as providers of finishing services to the printing industries. Every product we produce has its own touch of individuality to suit your creative and market needs.

In March 2008 Sagamore's growth continued with the purchase of Product Dynamics, leaders in custom designed school diaries and suppliers of promotional products to schools. This addition brings an exciting and new dimension of products to our range.

And now Sagamore have taken another significant environmental step forward by using ENVI/Australia's first government accredited 'whole of life' carbon-neutral range of papers in the text of all the school diaries and help reduce our carbon footprint.


Seedsticks Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne has been manufacturing and sellling SEEDSTICKS and seed related Eco friendly products to Promotional Product Companies since January 2001.

Through our ongoing loyal commitment to all distributors, our horticultural knowledge and flexible approach, has enabled us to offer more products to meet the demand of an ever changing, innovative industry.

We design, and package these great promotional ideas in quite a few different formats including Custom shaped SEEDSTICK packs, Growpacks, Seedpots, Window Sill Kits, Custom Printed Seed Packets, Biopots and more!

Shriro Australia P/L

From our headquarters in Lane Cove, Shriro Australia is a leading manufacturer, marketing and distributor of consumer products. We supply all major retailers in Australia through our national sales network.

Shriro Australia has distributed Casio products since the early 1980s. Casio is the leading digital watch brand in Australia while our innovative marketing strategies have enabled Casio also to be the number 1 provider of musical keyboards. By working with teachers we developed product for the Australian student which has enabled Casio to be the leading prescribed brand in school classrooms.

Shriro Australia also distributes Binatone Dect home telephones and GPS navigational devices as well as Earhugger headphones.

In 2001 we acquired the Everdure brand a gas heater and barbecue manufacturer in Perth. Since then the product has expanded to include four barbecue ranges; Classic, Neo, Redrock and the revolutionary E range of barbecues. Other products include; electric heating and gas heaters. Most Everdure products are designed by us and are predominantly manufactured in China where we have a Chinese based team responsible for the manufacture of Everdure products through a number of manufacturing partners. We also have a manufacturing facility in Perth which produces the gas heaters.

Simba Towels

Simba Towels Pty Ltd offers a wide range of towel and textile products particularly to the corporate, resort, commercial, hospitality and promotional sectors.

Simba have extensive experience spanning some 25 years in the textile industry both as manufacturers and importers of towel and home textiles.

Simba work with many international companies around the world to coordinate products for branding, launches and other marketing programs.

Simba Towels’ focus on client’s specific requirements combined with their unique ability, sourcing resources and textile experience gives customers full confidence from design and ordering to delivery on time.

Specialty Products Group Pty Ltd

Specialty Products Group (formally known as Specialty Umbrellas) has been manufacturing and supplying superior quality product since 1901! & is a preferred supplier to many of Australia's largest companies.

Breweries, soft drink manufacturers, wineries, airlines, grocery and the telecommunication industry to name but a few, have entrusted Specialty Products Group to the manufacture of their varied range of requirements.

Specialty Products Group is not an office suite in the city, it is a real working factory employing a dedicated staff of experienced cutters & sewing professionals.

This coupled with our Singapore office and duplicate production facility in mainland China means that Specialty Products Group can provide unequalled supply options to cater for the tightest of budgets & turnarounds, to the cost effective supply of even the biggest quantity requirement, In short Specialty Products Group is big enough to deliver but small enough to care!

We have introduced a number of dynamic innovations in our internal operational systems to ensure that Specialty Products Group remain at the forefront of product development, operations and, ultimately, customer service.

When you purchase a Specialty Products Group product, you can be assured that you are investing in a product that is built for the purpose for which it was intended and it carry’s with it the full backing and integrity that we have built our company’s reputation on.

Our sales & office staff represent some of the country’s most experienced industry professionals and can assist with almost any requirement you may have from the worlds best Market Umbrellas to Breeze Barriers aprons, bunting and bar & table mats along with portable signage - and much much more!

This means there is a Specialty Products Group product to suit almost any requirement, so why not consider a purchase from Specialty Products Group great range of products today and discover what real service is all about!

Sporte Leisure

Australia’s No. 1 Golf Apparel Brand: Sporte Leisure is a Sydney based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of Golf, Corporate, Tourist, Sporting and Promotional Apparel, Headwear and Luggage for both the Australian and International markets.

Since commencing operations in 1991, we have remained committed to being the number one supplier of quality and value for money golf shirts, golf trousers and shorts, outerwear, rainwear and golf accessories, whilst aiming to maintain our influence as a creator of lifestyle inspired product for both men and women. Our commitment to quality and value added service has seen Sporte Leisure grow into Australia’s number one golf apparel brand.

Based upon the quality of our product, along with the skills and resources of our team, we have grabbed the opportunity to further expand our distribution into New Zealand, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East serviced out of Dubai.

Our market share dominance has been built upon the backbone of product innovation, technical improvements, consumer desirability and above all else quality. Design elements that remain the core of our product development.

Star Marquees

Welcome to Star marquees. As dedicated leisure and corporate marquee specialists, we offer the best range of marquees to suit all needs and budgets. We make and assemble our marquees in Brisbane and deliver them Australia wide (including to all major cities and rural locations).


Since 1996, Stencil have been bringing innovative new designs and fabrics into the Australian corporate, promotional, uniform and sportswear market. Stencil is best known for their high-quality, high-concept fabrics such as a yarn-woven Cool-Dry®, liquid-repelling Nano-Gear®, the vibrant and super-comfortable Solar-Lite® and their most recent addition, Bio-Weave®, a silky blend of plant cellulose and Cool-Dry® yarn.

Stencil's product range spans from distinctively styled polos and t-shirts for both men and women to business shirts, cold-weather clothing (including fleeces and jackets) and custom orders. Though Stencil is constantly working on creating and refining their new fabric technologies for each season, Stencil also appreciate the value of more traditional fabrics, from soft cottons to poly/cotton waffles. By understanding the intrinsic values of different materials, Stencil is able to match the ideal characteristics for a given item of clothing to the most appropriate fabric or blend.

Stencil carries a full stock service on all of their product lines with the promise of fast & professional service. Stencil trusts that their range will help you and your label stand out from the crowd.

Stikki Products Pty Ltd

Stikki Products Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company with a solid reputation for outstanding service, prompt delivery and quality merchandise.
It is a well established company, with a history that stretches back over 30 years, when it started as a family manufacturing business.
Stikki Products manufactures all of its paper products, and has developed in-house technologies incorporating repositionable adhesives.
In continuing to grow and diversify the business, Stikki Products are also the exclusive Australian distributors of a stylish range of compendiums, computer bags and other document holders.
Additionally, Stikki Products are distributors of custom printed BIC writing instruments.
Most importantly, the sales and management team at Stikki Products are dedicated to servicing your needs.

Texet P/L

The James Harvest Sportswear Collection is based on American Collegiate fashion and is the epitome of quality, style and functionality

The Corporate Golfer

The Corporate Golfer works in conjunction with the promotional industry to be able to provide innovative, new golfing solutions tailored for your corporate clients needs.

We have access to all the big brands in golf such as Nike Golf, Titleist & Wilson and also generic items to hit any quantity and budget.
Access to ALL Golf Brands – Retail Store to the Promotional industry – golf balls, clubs & apparel.

Brands Include:

Nike Golf, Tiger Woods, Titleist, Wilson, Srixon, Taylormade, MaxFli, Bridgestone,
Oakley, Precept, Dunlop, Eagles & Birdies, Smoothy and More

Corporate Golf Days
Golf Balls, Tee Gifts, Signage & Prizes

Product Launches

Corporate Gifts

Rewards & Incentive

Unique golf packs - Design your own pack!

Budget items to work with the Recession $1 & $2. quotes

One Stop Shop – Great customer service, fast delivery times

Happy golfing!

The Glassware Company

Steve & Lisa Webb of The Glassware Company specialise in glassware etching for the promotional, hospitality and wedding industry. The Glassware Company's factory is based in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Queensland.

We deliver Australia wide. We offer the option of engraving glasses which you have supplied us, the minimum order for this service is 144 glasses. Alternatively you can select glasses from our range.

We can etch business or club logos and text. We can also etch that special message for weddings, birthdays et cetera.

The Premier Collection

A great collection of promotional and corporate gift ideas.

The Range

A comprehensive range of upmarket corporate gifts.

The Sticker Company

The Sticker Company has grown and expanded its customer base enormously in the past few years due to careful and continual investment in growth, equipment and infrastructure. Situated in the high growth area of Hervey Bay Queensland and proudly Australian owned and operated, constant updating of procedures and training ensure improvement in efficiency and in turn service provided to our valued customers.

Our work environment provides security and rewarding employment to those who are self-disciplined, loyal and productive. The team environment created operates with integrity and respect for staff members, customers and suppliers alike. Being dedicated to minimising turn-around times and maximising our bottom line will ensure we stay a leader in the label industry in Australia.

The Wine Collection E-Catalogue

They will not only remember the occasion -they will remember you.

Here at The Wine Collection we offer a wide range of high quality and reasonably priced corporate gifts. From our extensive range of customised wines to our stunning presentation sets, we offer gifts to suit any occasion. Sourced only from reputable award winning Australian wine makers, the quality of our wine selection is guaranteed.

The Wine Collection website

They will not only remember the occasion -they will remember you.

Here at The Wine Collection we offer a wide range of high quality and reasonably priced corporate gifts. From our extensive range of customised wines to our stunning presentation sets, we offer gifts to suit any occasion. Sourced only from reputable award winning Australian wine makers, the quality of our wine selection is guaranteed.

The Worx Collection

The Worx Collection is available via trade distributors only, these include Promotional Product Distributors, Screen Printers, Sign Companies, Garment Manufacturers, Embroiderer's and Genuine Wholesalers.

At this point we specialise in a wide range of Lanyard options, Silicone Products, Badges, Key Tags, Soft PVC Items and Portable Banners and Flags, with new products being added in the near future.

New to our range and proving very popular are our ECO Friendly Lanyards, these are available in either Recycled PET or woven from natural plant fibres such as Bamboo or Corn.

We have very low minimums; on a number of our products we have NO MINIMUMS with delivery generally within 7-10 days from final approval and all at very competitive prices.


ThermalMate are exclusive manufacturers/distributors of a range of Thermal promotional Mugs and Thermal Wine Coolers. The Company’s range of products are fully recyclable. The thermal mug has a clipable lid to base and a separate vehicle adapter system (Registered Design) to fit into most car drink holders.

The products thermal qualities, strength and flexibility are only possible with our unique insulation system, Air-only ‘natural insulation’ and polypropylene construction material, this design offers equal insulation characteristics, to traditional foam filled products, with out the common problems of brittleness and shattering and being less-recyclable, (This has been verified by independent tests conducted by the Materials Testing Institute of Western Australia).

The product range after, went through an extensive development and research program, with the aim of creating products of superior design, manufacture, durability and quality compared to other products available on the market. The current Thermal product range is our 250ml Mug, 350ml Mug, 700ml Mega Mug and our Wine Cooler. The Wine Cooler was an extension of the original research and development carried out for the mug and has the same unique thermal characteristics. We also have Drink Bottles and Neoprene Stubby Holders

All products can be custom printed to meet your promotional requirements, including the capability of four colour process. If your company, organisation or club requires thermal mugs to enhance their marketing or merchandising programmes contact your local promotional agent or fill out our contact form and our sales staff will process your enquiry and recommend a promotional agent in your area.

Tradebond International Pty Ltd

Tradebond Internationals chief focus is customer satisfaction.Tradebond's ability to adapt and evolve with the market not only demonstrates Tradebond's innovative capabilities but also differentiates them from their competitors.

Tradebond International operates under an ongoing commitment to establishing, maintaining and building prominent relationships with their clientele. has been producing travel goods for over 25 years. We are a genuine travel goods specialist, supplying a superior range of products to Australia's and New Zealand's largest retailers.

We represent several brand name products, each occupying specific market segments. Through responsible, long-term strategies we have shown solid growth & performance.

Many clients employ our services to design and manufacture items for specific purposes or to assist them in progressing their 'house-brands'.

Our team of talented staff brings together a wealth of experience in design, production, distribution and marketing to provide our customers with the perfect mix of product, packaging and pricing.


Until sources, distributes and promotes contemporary, world-leading lifestyle brands throughout Australia and New Zealand.

USB Movers

In a competitive world were business strive to attract the attention of new customers, promotional products have become a key strategic marketing aspect.

Promotional USB drives excel because:

•they have high perceived value and quality.
•Customers and clients will retain and reuse your product.
•Drives can be pre-loaded with read only data to prevent customers simply deleting your data.
(There is a separate read/write area for customer data)
•Most styles can be manufactured with a ridiculous 32 Gigabytes of high quality kingston memory.
(The same capacity as 46 full CDs, all on a device that weighs approx 30 grams.)
•We offer a wide range to suit nearly any need, we can even custom mould a design to perfectly suit your brand identity.

UV Pro Sunglasses

For Unbeatable Value in Promotional Eyeware incorporating High Fashion and Sensible Sun Protection.

Visitec Australia Pty Ltd

Who are we?
Visitec Workwear is a wholesale supplier of superior quality, value for money workwear, and high visibility safety clothing to the Australasian marketplace.

From our head office in Alexandria, Sydney we undertake all aspects of design, sourcing and wholesale distribution. We also have our own Visitec Workwear office based in Shanghai, China.

Where did it all begin?
Back in 1995, as the innovator of the high visibility genuine microfibre workshirt, Visitec Workwear had the initial challenge of creating a high visibility workshirt that was not only lightweight, breathable and colour retentive but would overall meet all appropriate Australian Standards. The challenge was undertaken with the objective of reducing safety incidents caused through heat stress, incorrect wear of existing high visibility clothing and garment entanglement.

This led to the Visitec Genuine Microfibre Workshirt and Visitec Workwear was born.

Since this inception, the Visitec brand name has now grown to be the most recognised within the Australian high visibility marketplace through its ongoing commitment to product development, superior materials and product craftsmanship.

Visitec Workwear provides superior quality and value for money and this recognition sees our product worn by many of the country’s major organisations right down to the “one man band” operators.

With Visitec Workwear - 'Be Visible to be Seen!'

Wenger Australia Pty Ltd

Wenger Watches are developed to meet highest military standards... we construct our watches with the same devotion to quality and craftsmanship as Wenger manufactures the famous Swiss Army Knife for more than 100 years.' Peter Hug, President.

Wenger has now launched their new range of watches design to meet the extreme conditions of outdoor Australia.

Moving Forward
With new product introductions and an overhaul to the look of the Swiss Army Knife, Wenger is moving forward and looking into the future, The future of Wenger began to change with sleek and modern design introductions.

Wenger, maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, turned its hand to that other icon of Swiss craftsmanship. The Swiss Watch. Wenger created, with a great deal of pride, a collection of watches worthy of the Wenger Swiss Cross emblem that has stood as the benchmark for quality, functionality and precision engineering for over 110 years.

The Wenger Swiss Army Knife:

Engineering Beyond Expectations

Master cutlers since 1893, based in Delemont, Switzerland
Official supplier to the Swiss Army since 1908
Recognized as one of Switzerland’s premier manufacturers with prestigious “Crossbow” designation
ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
Every knife hand-QC’d at factory
Innovation, Engineering, Manufacturing
Lifetime warranty
Innovative implements

Serrated, self-sharpening scissors that will virtually not fail
Packlock System – Locking, two-stage main blade. The blade stops at 115° before closing to allow the user to clear fingers from point of closure. Lock prevents accidental closure of blade while in use.
Locking Screwdrivers – Flat head and some Phillips® head screwdrivers retract into the body of the knife to prevent accidental closure.
Serrated blades
Removable tools
Adjustable pliers
Double cut wood saw
Evolution – The next generation Swiss Army Knife that improves grip though ergonomics – the end result is a visually appealing tool that provides more functionality and safety than ever before.

Willow Ware Australia Pty Ltd

Willow has a proud history that spans over 100 years.

At a time when the number of Australian manufacturers has reduced, Willow continues to prosper thanks to our consumer focus, customer service, staff integrity and new product development.

Willow is in business to serve Australian consumers. To this end, we offer products of integrity that represent good value for money. The partnerships we have with retailers have been built on foundations of trust and consultation. Willow invests heavily in providing retailers with a full complement of ancillary services. This makes doing business with Willow very cost effective and ensures customer service levels that set industry benchmarks.

Willow is committed to manufacturing in Australia, employing Australian residents and using local suppliers. Our greatest investment is in our staff, who are empowered with the future of the company. We look forward to the next 100 years.

Wings and Tear Drop Banners

Tear Drop and Wing Banners are the perfect tool for your clients to attract attention at any event that they involved with. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, our tear drop banners and wing banners are specifically designed to flap around in the breeze to attract attention.

The City Life Timepiece Excellence range has been used to enhance the profile of both large and small corporate companies for over 20 years.

The Timepiece Excellence range is a choice of premium quality components, ensuring that each item is an attractive and effective marketing tool for:
• Staff Long Service awards
• Safety/LTI awards
• Promotion
• Corporate Gifts
• Merchandise ranges
• Corporate Uniforms
• Customer Loyalty Programs
• Fundraising

A great way to spend your marketing dollars if you consider that the average person looks at their watch once an hour over 16 waking hours per day.

Yatama Technology

Yatama Technology is an Australian owned company providing a range of innovative technology products, including USB flash drives, portable music players and USB gadgets.

Our manufacturing resources allow us to offer our customers access to a wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

Yatama Technology works with a vast array of distributors including promotional companies, graphic designers, advertising agencies, marketing organisaitons as well as retailers.

Our customers are important to us so our experienced team work at providing solutions for you. Developing and maintaining relationships, we pride ourselves in efficient service ensuring that nothing is left to chance. We will look after all your needs from branding, packaging and delivery. We also understand your deadlines and are able to deliver most orders within 4 weeks, express service is also available.

We offer a customisation service where files can be uploaded including company profiles, corporate videos, drives can be partitioned and password protected. Please enquire about these services when placing your order.

We believe in participating responsibly in the global marketplace and giving back to the community. As part of our support for the non for profit organisation, Inveneo, we are helping with the collection of used flash drives which are donated to educational institutions in Uganda, Rwanda, and Mali. For further information and to get involved please see our news page.

The Calender

Brand thecalendarrange with your logo and message

• Promotional calendars create sales
• Promotional calendars generate referral opportunities
• Advertise your business 365 days of the year with
calendars from thecalendarrange

You benefit from the good will created by
thecalendarrange advertising opportunity

Totally Hampers

Christmas Hampers & Special Occasion Hampers are the best way to say a big thanks you to Staff and Clients. Rave On Promotional Products offer Australia most extensive range of Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter Hampers online. As Christmas is fast approaching so now is the time to organise your Christmas Hampers. Rave On Promotional Products deliver Christmas Hampers to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.

The Creative Locker

The Creative Locker is an Australian owned manufacturer of promotional products.

Our innovative range includes a wide variety of stubby holders, great headwear collection & much more.

Our mission: to create & supply beverage related products that help represent branding with innovation & quality.

We aim to provide high quality promotional products, on time every time, the way you want them!

Many of our products are patented and we guarantee elements of our range are exclusive and will not be found elsewhere!

We also have some outstanding contacts & are a bridge for other products that can be designed, sourced and delivered to our clients.

We are members of APPA (Australasian Promotional Products Association)

Oxygen Paper

Oxygen is Australasia’s leading range of paper based promotional products. Oxygen breathes life into everyday promotional ideas that are exciting, innovative, functional, memorable and of the highest quality. Products that promote your brand and message with maximum impact and cost effectively.

The corner stone product in the range is the Stuk Note brand of repositionable products. Stuk Note paper is sourced from Europe’s leading manufacturer of sticky note paper which is coated with a water based adhesive, eradicating solvents from the production process.

Sublime Collection Weblink

The Sublime Collection is an Australian speciality manufacturer and supplier of lanyards, name tags and corporate promotional gifts. Established in 1990, our products and pricing are available exclusively to Promotional Product companies.

We regularly exhibit at APPA's Convex and Road Shows, and our Staff are actively involved in APPA's Registration services at these events. We also serve on APPA's Victorian Committee.

Winning Spirit 2019 Flip Catalogue

Winning Spirit, Benchmark and Australian Industrial Wear

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